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    it's possible

    to be able to mark repetition to a musical theme "R" in the same way that it is marked to add replay in queue "Q"
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    Modo Manual

    if that exists indeed it works I already knew it, but imagine searching among a large list of events which is flashing to start, suggestion, it would be good if the events in manual mode are executed if or if and like jazler the system asks, you really want add this event and when you are in...
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    Modo Manual

    Radioboss needs to work in automatic mode and manual mode, and taking the idea of ??jazler, the following should be incorporated: in automatic mode, so that it works as such, but in manual mode, the events would be loaded in the same way, but when loading it ask in a window since it is in manual...
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    how to add an event and that it does not play instantly

    Hello friends, I hope you are well, a consultation with the experts in Radioboss, someone knows how to add an event and that it does not play instantly if not waiting for the operator to activate the play, since I am very grateful. Take care ...
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    Reset Playcount in RadioBOSS

    Gracias por la informaci?n..
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    Reset Playcount in RadioBOSS

    RadioBOSS does not update the count of reproductions, for this it is necessary to open the library and give it to update labels because it does.