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    Can I stream froma my Radioboss into another?

    Por supuesto, el servidor interno si los metadatos funcionan, el problema es el retraso de más de 20 segundos es la red local.
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    Can I stream froma my Radioboss into another?

    hello good, a query for this topic I have 2 problems, one is that I want to send the audio and metadata through the local network and the other is the delay is very high. - I did the url thing but it has a lot of delay, -Then I did the transmission through the local network through the...
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    Using mixer board with RadioBOSS for streaming

    Hello everyone, I want to thank James Totton, for his video on how to use an analog mixer to Radio Boss, but my question, can you do something the same but on a USB mixer? Atte. Charly
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    microphone activated from the mixer

    hello and thank you very good program, I saw on one occasion that the MIC button was activated just by raising the fader of the mixer with USB interface, how that is achieved. thank you in advance Atte. Charles
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    sign light on air

    along with saying hello could include in future versions, that when pressing the MIC, through some USB port, the air light or lights can be turned on Atte   Charles