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    Radio Caster out of memory crash

    You seem to be using an old version, please try the most recent RadioCaster 2.9.
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    Backup and restore

    Can you please provide some details on what's not working? Are there any error messages?
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    There must be an easy solution for playing in a "series"...!

    Can you please try the latest version?
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    USB Microphone crashes

    This happens with both modes - DirectSound and ASIO?
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    Yes, makes sense. But why this is used remotely, and not directly in the Music Library?
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    There must be an easy solution for playing in a "series"...!

    This doesn't reproduce here on the latest version. "Series" selection, until advanced, always plays the same track. What RadioBOSS version do you use?
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    There must be an easy solution for playing in a "series"...!

    Track List feature offers "Series" option: It does not advance automatically, you need to create another event that moves it to the next track.
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    RadioBOSS beta Changes bugs fixed Download x86 (7/1/2022, 31MB) x64 (7/1/2022, 35MB)
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    Play Pre-recorded Program From a Set time

    You can edit the file using Track Tool and set the Start mark where you need - playback will start from there.
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    Yes, you need to drag them by the track icon.
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    insert a saved playlist

    If nothing is playing, and it's time to start an event it's logical that the event starts playing. That is, you have scheduled a playlist for 12:00, and nothing is playing. Everyone would expect that when 12:00 comes, an event will start and play. Otherwise it's a weird behavior - scheduled...
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    Stream Archive Question

    When you use the streamarchive command, you need to use the scheduler file name templates (?h, ?m etc) - they are described here:
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    Currently icon size in the playlist can't be changed. I have added this suggestion to our requests list, there's a good chance we'll implement it in one of the future updates.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, we'll consider it for the future updates.
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    In this case it doesn't know if specified path is a file - so it treats it as a folder. It is possible technically of course, but before implementing it we need to be sure there's a demand for such a feature from other users.