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    Losing settings

    Oh, yes, it's version
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    Losing settings

    Greetings! I'm writing on behalf of a broadcast partner who we recently helped get set up with RadioBOSS. They have set up their audio input sources, audio output devices and broadcast information. They usually have to turn the computer off at night. In the morning when they turn back on...
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    Getting Statistics from Azuracast

    Greetings. We broadcast on an Azuracast broadcast server, and we are using RB 5.9.4 We are unable to receive the listener broadcast statistics, as shown in picture 1. We know we do have listeners (we are one of them!) Could you kindly take a look at the two screen shots, and let us know if...
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    Radio Boss Expert needed.

    Greetings. Feel free to look at our RadioBoss videos: They are for older versions of the software, but hopefully they will give you an overview.
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    Make Next feature

    Greetings. RadioBoss used to have a very useful function called 'Make Next.' It was in the right click menu. If I applied it to a song further down the playlist, it would appear in the 'Coming Up Next' box, and RadioBoss would skip all the tracks in between, and jump straight to the song I had...
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    Using mixer board with RadioBOSS for streaming

    Greetings. Great discussion. We have experimented with this, with success. It is possible to run the audio from RB through a mixer then back into the computer. We even made a video. Dmity, with your permission, may I share the link...
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    Connecting RODECaster Pro with RadioBOSS

    Greetings. Question: What if I want to do the my RadioBOSS computer outputs to the Rodecaster Pro mixer? Can I use the USB out for the main audio out, and select Bluetooth as my Pre Listen out? Thanks for your help James
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    Timed Break Note

    Greetings Dmitry. I want to be able to time out exactly to the end of the hour. I remember when I used to work for a radio station, with the old system we had, we could insert (or place in the playlist generator) an event called a timed break note, which faded the current songs at a certain...
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    Multiple Screens

    Thank you. It works perfectly :)
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    Multiple Screens

    Hi Dmitry. Happy new year. My boss has kindly set me up with a second computer monitor. I able to spread RadioBOSS over two screens? Especially the cart wall, and maybe even the second playlist? Thanks for your help James
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    Shoutcast encoder sending bad stream ID

    Greetings We are simulcasting our station via Icecast and Shoutcast streams, from the same RadioBoss player. The Shoutcast V2 encoder is no longer connecting to the Shoutcast server. The server is showing an error message that the Stream ID is less than 1. We have set the Stream ID as 1 and...
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    Scheduled Playlist Generator problem

    Hi Dmitry. In the end we managed to answer our own question!  :) It turns out that we had ticked the "Manual" box under the Scheduler tab.  Here's a request: Is there any chance of a warning box appearing if someone tries to place a tick in that box? Your description in the Help file would...
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    Scheduled Playlist Generator problem

    Oh yes, and we reset the "Maximum time to generate playlists by schedule" to 10 minutes just to be sure. It still didn't work unfortunately.
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    Scheduled Playlist Generator problem

    Oh, and we are using version Thanks
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    Scheduled Playlist Generator problem

    Hi Dmitry We have set up a playlist template in the playlist gen pro. We then use the scheduler to generate a new playlist every 24 hours. The problem is that while it counts down to the event, nothing happens. There is even nothing in the log to say playlist generation started. The playlist...