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    RadioBOSS 6.1 Ads Scheduler

    But, there is one thing that I don't quite understand. If for example I open a "profile" for "promos" and I have the same blocks as in "commercials", which are paid ads, so to speak ... Are they merged in the playlist?
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    RadioBOSS 6.1 [beta]

    I agree, although the translation is good, there are words that do not coincide with the Spanish language of Spain (maybe in Latin America). I would also like to participate in this. You could send me the translation to match concepts, if you see fit. Thanks
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    RadioBOSS 6.1 Ads Scheduler

    Hello. At first I wanted to congratulate you on the new “Ads Scheduler”, I find it much more attractive than the previous one. It has been a great success. There is always some, but ... I don't know what exactly “Profile” is for. If I activate a new "Profile" I must configure everything from the...
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    RadioBOSS 6.0 [beta]

    Hi, Do not play two or more tracks consecutively is not working properly. If there is a track (that does not play) between two files, because it may not exist or has been deleted, the two tracks are played, not so if these two tacks are together from the beginning and curiously if you do the...
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    [Web site] Show current track title, cover art, recent tracks

    Hi. Now, I have a delay in the straming server of about ten seconds with respect to the broadcast, with which the cover and the title / artist come out before it starts playing in the reproducer. Is it possible to match the beginning of the song with the cover and the title / artist? Thank you
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    Hello again. There are some options of the advertising programmer that would be interesting to implement (from my point of view), if they are not already there because I do not know how to do it. 1.- It is possible that when a customer changes the ad, it can be changed directly. Ie right mouse...
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    [Web site] Show current track title, cover art, recent tracks

    Hello again. I'm trying this new script and it's great to insert the coverart of our musical themes. Now, I would like to make some considerations. 1.- It is good to be able to add your own coverart to each musical theme (tired, but it can be done little by little). Now, is it possible to do it...
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    RadioBOSS 5.9 [beta]

    As for the update of the music library, I think that a section could also be included to eliminate tracks that do not exist or have been deleted. On the other hand, I was watching the ad programmer and, as for the separators, something could be done so that they do not air after each...
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    Show current track title on a web site

    Hello, if this function is going to be included, it would also be interesting to see the cover art. Thanks in advance.
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    RadioBoss & Weather

    If I request this again as soon as possible. I am losing money because clients do not want to sponsor something uncertain and for the moment we stop selling it. Please be included as soon as possible in future versions of RadioBoss. Thank you so much
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    Weather command

    Hello, when I call the weather command I get this error: Weather command skipped because of rate limitation.
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    Error playback

    Everything working correctly. Thank you
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    Error playback I will try to explain it to see if the google translator does it well (or me). You see, every half hour I launch a new playlist that is as follows: 1.- JINGLES TIME (this clip would erase the previous list) 2.- LITA WITH NEW FASHION SONG (this list is marked: if...
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    Error playback

    Hello, since the last update I am having some problems in the creation of lists. As I do not know how to explain the problem I put you video link so you can see what happens, which the previous version did not happen. How do I solve this problem? Thank you
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    Playlitst and event

    Hi, I know it's something idiotic, but I personally liked it that way. After updating RadioBoss, the advertising rolls disappear from the playlist once they are issued as well as the Tracklist and I think any command that arrives from the event. Surely there is some option to leave this in the...