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    Radioboss 6 version run under Linux

    I found the fault: You used the word "shame". On the other hand: I've explained the situation additional to Dmitry and shown you two alternatives to run RadioBOSS. I see, that you've chosen one. All fine. So be factual. Stay safe, Sebastian (PS: Auch wenn wir uns beide durch...
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    Radioboss 6 version run under Linux

    It's not a shame, because it never was a feature. Don't blame the author for a nice, but unofficial side effect. RadioBOSS is developed for Windows only, and not for Linux machines that reproduces an old Win32 runtime. You have two options: Use the previous version of RadioBOSS with Linux OS...
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    Suggestions for improvements - bradcasting, hotkeys, icons

    Hi Dmitry @djsoft , this is a mix between questions and suggestions, that's why I created this thread in the support section. --- is it possible to use key combinations (e. g. "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "G"), not only one key? Also I miss a shortcut for "start/stop broadcasting" and "start/stop...
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    cue function

    It was also suggested 3 years ago by me: Maybe this will be added anytime in the future, same for mixdown function.
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    Why is the date of my MP3 songs changed after they are played with radio boss?

    Do you use APE tags in RB settings for storing file information?
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    Command to update computers time

    Hi all, Try Nettime instead. Free, Open source, runs at system startup.
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    Stream archive - microphone delay approx 1 sec.

    Any ETA? Doesn't fixed in Also with Asio4all... the delay/cut is still present.
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    [Twitter] Post "Nowplaying" statuses

    You have to follow the automation rules of Twitter, Melvinnunez. :) See here:
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    Time remaining per song

    You can enable an "end of file" warning for every song in settings.
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    Buttons doesn't look good with scaling

    Another problem with scaling. :)
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    Player doesn't respect "end" point

    Look and listen the screen recording attached. Reproduce: - Open a track in Track tool (in my case: FLAC file) - Set an end point - Skip near to EOF - Track will disappear after EOF rached, but you can hear it further
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    Buttons doesn't look good with scaling

    Well Dmitry. :D I looking forward. Keep up the good work!
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    Issue with Cartwall font settings

    I recorded my screen for this issue. Steps to reproduce: - Create a cartwall in a workzone - Add some elements - Right click on tab and choose "Change size" - Abort this dialogue Workaround: - Open additional Work zone - Add a cartwall - Delete this cartwall right after that
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    Buttons doesn't look good with scaling

    Hi there, since a few days I am using scaling in Windows settings (125%). Result in RadioBOSS: All buttons below the playlist looking creepy. :) SVG-Buttons would be fine. (If you wish, I create some for you.)
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    MIC Output to Encoder only for Flatcast...

    Off topic: Schalte zumindest dein RadioBOSS doch auf Deutsch um. :)