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    Playlist generator backup

    Thank you for the info. Where are the playlists located? I looked in /Radioboss/Presets/PlGenPro and it's empty even though I have about 70 playlists generated. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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    Playlist generator backup

    Would it be possible to have an option to backup all the generated playlists that have been created with the Playlist Generator?
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    Automatically Change Group Colours

    Would it be possible to have the colours of the groups change automatically when a Group is assigned to a Task name in the Event window? I have my Scheduler window in different colours depending on the types of music but every time I add a new event I have to spend time changing the colours to...
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    No more statistics :(

    Since using version listenrs statistics just show zero even though there may be several listeners listening. I also get the error HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found error
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    CSV export

    That would be great but we are now on version and the tag column still doesn't appear in the CSV export. Will it be implemented in this beta version? Thank you.
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    CSV export

    When exporting the music library as a CSV file, would it be possible to also export the tags list? or even better to be able to tick which columns to export.
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    Wordpress plugin for song request

    Hi all, Is anyone out there capable of writing a plugin for Wordpress? This plugin should display a complete list of tracks and/or albums by uploading the music directory in RadioBoss as a .CSV or .XML file to Wordpress, then by clicking on a track or album in the display, it could then be...
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    Music Request script

    Now that RB is being upgraded to version 6, is anyone out there interested in creating a music request script which can be imbedded into RB and will work properly for creating music requests from listeners?
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    Tags list RB 6.0

    Hi, any chance of fixing sorting the tag names alphabetically in version
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    RadioBOSS 6.0 [beta]

    Just downloaded version but it comes out as
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    Tags list RB 6.0

    I'm using RB version
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    Tags list RB 6.0

    Would it be possible when adding a tag for the tags list to be in alphabetical order? Thank you.
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    Music Library list and Request

    sadly the script available here -,5168.0.html - doesn't work for me or for most other people, you can't imagine how many hours I have spent trying to get it to work, testing it with different settings, changing my router settings, opening ports etc. I...
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    Music Library list and Request

    Hi, I have asked for this before ages ago but somehow it has never really materialised... It would be great to have a .php script (which could be in-bedded in a website) that could display the list of songs available in RB's music library. The user could then pick tracks to play later. The...
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    Music Library "comment" field

    thank you, I understand and I've worked it out. Would it be possible when adding tags to the list that they could be automatically placed in alphabetical order? Also, could the tags window be increased in size and have it remain at the chosen size after it's closed and opened again? Thank you.