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    Updating Artwork on DNAS v2

    The process is to download Media Monkey it is like win Amp, then import your library into Media Monkey Then select each album and update tag using CTRL L and auto update tags, then save each album Then re import the album in RB  library and your album art should now be in your RB hope this helps
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    Updating Artwork on DNAS v2

    I have tried Media Monkey and this worked for me using control L it searches Amazon and updates with art work drawback is you have to do it for each album
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    New radioboss fm

    Does Radio Boss Interact with the new  radio Boss FM and radio boss FM show album art
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    Album Art

    Can I import this information into the tag when I look at my library from Windows media player I can see the album art
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    Album Art

    how can i see album art in RB i noticed a section on main widow but art does not come through how can we send it to shout cast so it appears on our wesite
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    tracks skipping

    ??? anyone having problems with traks skiping and souding like a scrathed record this only happens with said tracks in Radio boss any ideas of how to solve