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    Can I stream froma my Radioboss into another?

    Hi to everybody, I guess if is possible to put a Radioboss stream into another Radioboss, obviously live. Thnx in advance bye liga p.s.: I very happy with my radioboss advanced :)
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    how to remove empty tracks from playlist

    hi girlz and boyz, another poor question from Liga... :) I create many playlists and I do different manipulations and modifies during my broadcast sessions. For example I moved many songs from a folder to another, in my music library folder, for different reasons. Of course they still remain...
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    crackling sound only in the mic

    good evening, my system is: - PC Windows 10 (new hp laptop) - mackie proFXv3 Usb (1 mic and 1 headphone) - voicemeteer potato - radioboss I tried different settings but the problem remain. I use Potato to do skype calls and create n-1 for skype. With skype all right. The mic instead have...
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    main output pre mic button

    Hi everybody, thanx for the great Radioboss program. I'm very happy, but I need an information. I have to do a N-1 and I need a main output pre mic button. Better should be if with the same sound ducking as the mic button but without mic!!! Sorry for my poor english. :) In other words I...