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  1. Sebastian Schwarz

    Suggestions for improvements - bradcasting, hotkeys, icons

    Hi Dmitry @djsoft , this is a mix between questions and suggestions, that's why I created this thread in the support section. --- is it possible to use key combinations (e. g. "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "G"), not only one key? Also I miss a shortcut for "start/stop broadcasting" and "start/stop...
  2. Sebastian Schwarz

    Player doesn't respect "end" point

    Look and listen the screen recording attached. Reproduce: - Open a track in Track tool (in my case: FLAC file) - Set an end point - Skip near to EOF - Track will disappear after EOF rached, but you can hear it further
  3. Sebastian Schwarz

    Issue with Cartwall font settings

    I recorded my screen for this issue. Steps to reproduce: - Create a cartwall in a workzone - Add some elements - Right click on tab and choose "Change size" - Abort this dialogue Workaround: - Open additional Work zone - Add a cartwall - Delete this cartwall right after that
  4. Sebastian Schwarz

    Buttons doesn't look good with scaling

    Hi there, since a few days I am using scaling in Windows settings (125%). Result in RadioBOSS: All buttons below the playlist looking creepy. :) SVG-Buttons would be fine. (If you wish, I create some for you.)
  5. Sebastian Schwarz

    Stream archive - microphone delay approx 1 sec.

    When using stream archive feature to record a show the microphone sound delays for approx 1 second. This only affects to stream archive - not when streaming to an encoder. Whether the problem has been resolved in the meantime, I can't say. I can't update to because license expired.
  6. Sebastian Schwarz

    Track Tool doesn't read cyrillic tags

    See the screenshot. Whether the problem has been resolved in the meantime, I can't say. I can't update to because license expired.
  7. Sebastian Schwarz

    Counter / Indicator for "outro" too small

    Using my loved font "IBM Plex Sans" on font size 10.When I playing songs with a really long outro/ramp, the first number(s) cut off.
  8. Sebastian Schwarz

    Track info: Show complete date

    1 - saved in "year" tag2 - what RadioBOSS displays No explanations required, I think.  ;D
  9. Sebastian Schwarz

    Stream statistics (request listeners with API)

    In our radio station we're using an icecast server with more mount points and video streams. That's why the integrated listeners statistics doesn't work at all. Our radio owner programmed an API. A simple PHP file, that responses the number of listeners. See here. I wish there would be an...
  10. Sebastian Schwarz

    SMF disorting forum posts + application for become moderator

    Hi there, espacially Dmitry. I upset about Simple Machines Forum, the software used for these community.It's free and leightweight, I know. But it's very irritating, that every time I create a new post (or edit an existing) the post appears disorted. You have to edit an entry multiple times...
  11. Sebastian Schwarz

    HTTP GET request

    Hi, is there any function/event to enable HTTP GET requests only when connected to a broadcasting server, and to disable when disconnecting from a stream? Don't want to turn it on and off always my myself manually. Doesn't need to tweet nowplaying when I prepare and prelistening my radio shows. :)
  12. Sebastian Schwarz

    Clean up option for tracks.db

    Hi there, I am organizing my music libary with MusicBee, that's why often some of my files moved to another directory. That bloats up the tracks.db file, because there a lot of old invalid entries in it. I wish there would be an option to say "check for untraceable files and remove invalid...
  13. Sebastian Schwarz

    Skin Music Libary & Track Tool

    Idea: Sharing the theme choosen in RadioBOSS with music libary and track tool.
  14. Sebastian Schwarz

    Cartwall File Check

    Well, RadioBOSS checks whether a file exists or not while starting. It doesn't shows file tags and file type. It can't be played. This is a nice feature - but I need it for the cartwall. If a cartwall file wasn't found the text on a cartwall element could be turned red. Then the user knows that...
  15. Sebastian Schwarz

    Improving the Track Tool

    Every time I am using prev/next buttons in Track Tool it closes itself and reopening. And a lot of times I noticed that it reopens not at the front rather in background. That is irritating. My suggestion: Improving the Track Tool that it doesn't need to close and open again. It should stay...
  16. Sebastian Schwarz

    New Playlist column: Hook

    I wish there would be a column for starting playback of the hook part of a song only (if Hook in/out set in Track Tool), without adding teaser elements in the playlist.
  17. Sebastian Schwarz

    How to backup RadioBOSS + SQL DB securely?

    Hi there, I have to restore my PC. But before I do that I want to backup RadioBOSS and it's settings and SQL Database completely. How to do that in a simply way? Or should't it be enough to backup the Program directory and the directory in AppData? Thank you for assistance.
  18. Sebastian Schwarz

    Separate design propereties for cartwall

    Hi there, Is it possible to create a sub menu in the theme settings for the cartwall? The cartwall doesn't respect the other theme options until now. Cartwall should use the font set in the theme settings, not only "Tahoma". Set a default color for cartwall elements Set a font color for...
  19. Sebastian Schwarz

    Connect RadioBOSS with Skype [2018-10-03]

    Deutsche Version / German version: Prequisites: Download Voicemeeter EXE setup, install and restart your computer: Download It's donationware. If you like the software you can support the developers with your donation. Download and install Skype 8: Download Make sure...
  20. Sebastian Schwarz

    Cue sheet creation

    Hi Dmitry, it would be nice, if RadioBOSS creates a cuesheet file when using the stream archive (record) function in real time.