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    Access violation

    Hi, Most of the time this error appears in a cracked version of radioboss and in these versions it mostly happens after a windows update but can also appear while broadcasting live for some reason. When i had it once on my legit radioboss (after a windows update and happened only one time) it...
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    RadioBOSS 5.8 [beta]

    That is not a radioboss bug. It is something that happened after a update that windows did. Remove and reinstall your audio drivers and the problem will be gone.
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    radioboss and USB Mixer with mic not work

    I believe your mixer can mute certain channels (record button). With the right VST plugins... and radiocaster... you can create the effect that you do voice over without ever needing that mic button again.
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    Mentioned again

    It is actually possible using radiocaster and radioboss. I do prefer this way because i can quickly switch between streamservers :)
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    WASAPIProc_O exception

    One of my dj's had this problem. I performed the steps above using teamviewer and the problem is gone. He told me it happened only when he was live and added songs to the playlist. What i did before that: - backed up radioboss settings - removed radioboss - Cleaned up his windows registry -...
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    WASAPIProc_O exception

    Quite simple: 1) go to the windows configuration screen 2) disable the soundcard 3) remove the drivers 4) i went to manufacturer (realtek) and downloaded the lastest one 5) installed them 6) reboot 7) checked the driver used now in windows and it is the realtek one instead of the microsoft...
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    WASAPIProc_O exception

    Installed the audiodriver again (replaced the microsoft one) and now it's running normally. In the end nothing more then a driver issue.
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    WASAPIProc_O exception

    Got some new info: It seems to happen only when he is connected to a server and adds music or tracks to the playlist during a live broadcast. When he is not connected and making a recording everything works just fine. I'm about to install the drivers again but..... shouldn't this also happen...
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    WASAPIProc_O exception

    Hi Guys, Radioboss was downloaded from I have asked him to make these screenshots. Switched audio source and input from wasapi to directsound but this keeps happening. One of our dj's is affected by this since version Any idea what it could be? I was thinking audiodriver...
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    RadioBoss settings with a mixing desk

    Depends how you wanna do this. If you only want to use the mic on the mixer you can but if you want to handle everything you can't unless using radiocaster or BUTT or altacast for example. This is how to do it: 1) Connect the audio out to your mixer 2) Select in radioboss your outgoing device...
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    RadioBoss settings with a mixing desk

    Actually i's quite easy with a mixer: 1 Connect audio out from pc to mixer CH 3/4 2 Connect mic to CH 1 3 Connect USB mixer to USB pc 4 Use a third party encoder and you're set to go. I'm using radiocaster because it does support VST plugins. That way the microphone will also make use of the...
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    It seems to solve it.... THANK YOU :D! Just one thing remaining: The equalizer has the issue to stay stuck at 10 sliders. It's not possible to have more or less.
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    Gonna try it out :). Thank you for the quick update :).
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    Error message

    O've had a dj where this happened with version on one of his systems. None of the others ncluding me experienced it. After a complete uninstall (revo uninstaller) we've installed version,  used one of my backup files and the problem is gone. :).
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    Found something new: When i disable all plugins and remove them from the dsp windows in radiocaster it closes normally. When i reboot it, add, activate and setup the plugins all the settings are saved when radiocaster closes. However.... when i try to adjust any settings after that those are...
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    RadioBoss & behringer x1204USB

    Having the same mixer i'm using another workaround but you need radiocaster or another encoder to make it work because i want to use that mic button in radioboss. Audiocable from pc to mixer channel 5/6 and the usb from mixer to pc. Set up your internal soundcard as the playback device in...
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    So why does this happen in radiocaster and not with radioboss with the same plugin? I'm using both but because the way things are setup one of the plugins need to be run in radiocaster.
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    What an alternative to a stereo tool

    Well... Allmost all VST plugins seem to have issues with this. There is no way to load a preset or save a preset. Disable a plugin and most of the time your settings are byebye :(.
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    Hi guys, I have bought radioboss several months ago and also bought radiocaster recentely. I have a issue with radiocaster that didn't bothered me before. Everytime i vlose it it gives me a error. What i discovered yesterday is that it also resets my vst plugins to their standard settings...