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    Add Line Input form USB Sound Card (Slow to connect and play)

    I have problem, when adding Add Line (from USB card in) Input to playlist it is very slow to get it to play sound. I have to close RadioBoss and reopen then go to it plays no problem but it takes long time to playback? Any tips or ideas how to fix this problem?
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    Song Titles showing as ???????????

    I have problem with songs showing ?????? not song title, You can see when i click one of the songs its showing bellow the title but not in main screen Any idea how to fix this problem?
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    How to make playlist based on date in file name?

    Hello, I have challenge making RadioBoss play from folder using today date in file name. We have daily program send to us from content provider and each program (mp3) is dated in file name and i want RadioBoss pick from today date in file name and play that file I want to automate as much as...
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    scheduling program by date in the title?

    Hello I have question how do I automate daily program to be played on RadioBoss, for example, I get content daily from a client and its date in the title tag for each day like 6 -18-17 or 6 -18-2017 and I need radioboss to select today's date and add into playlist every day.Titel pic...