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    Minor bugs discovered + Questions

    Hello, I've discovered a couple of bugs to report: 1) When moving to next track, track 1 is skipped in the playlist if the previously playing track is not in the playlist and was deleted from the playlist whilst playing We use the API to get the current track and remove it via...
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    setcasttitle not working as it did in 5.9.x

    When using the settitle API command, it seems the broadcast server (i.e. Icecast) is sent the new title but the track in RadioBOSS (In our case Line In) does not have its CASTTITLE updated - playbackinfo shows CASTTITLE as it was when the track was inserted not the changed / title. The API...
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    Improved Broadcasting Statistics

    Hello, I think you're missing a big 'trick' here - the broadcasting statistics show very little info but I assume it's gathering the data over a long time (As it can go back 180 days etc). Would it be possible for RadioBOSS to generate an actual report based off of these? With the ability to...
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    RadioBOSS continues attempting connections after moving on to next track (still)

    As per the quote above and original post it's quoted from, this still seems to be happening in the latest RadioBOSS whereby it continues to connect to the stream even after RadioBOSS has moved on to the next track and continues to do so for some time - you stated before that this could be down...
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    A few new spotted issues on

    Hello, I have a few issues on RadioBOSS 1) We changed our streaming server to icecast from shoutcast which has been running for a couple of months now, the reporting on this seems broken (See attached image). The reporting is not showing up the new stats properly. 2) The RadioBOSS...
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    AAC+ Encoder having issues

    How can I debug the AAC+ encoding? One a day or sometimes more, the encoder has problems and so the stream is restarted (see attachment). Also is there anyway to clear the broadcasting title via the api which happens when radioboss stops playing?
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    How to set streamtitle with title format variables?

    Hello, We have our streams metadata set using "%artist - %title - Radio XXX etc". When our DJs play, radioboss switches to listening to the shoutcast server they connect to. This switching  is done via a script which also updates the streamtitle but what we would like to be able to do is pass...
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    Schedule options, silence detector + Playlists

    Hello, I'd like to request some features which I think would be beneficial: Schedule Options 1) Currently if the playlist is stopped and a schedule runs to generate a playlist, the playlist will start playing. Can an option be implemented so that the playlist is generated but the 'state'...
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    RadioBOSS got stuck! Any Logs ? (For debugging, troubleshooting etc)

    Hello, Are there any logs for troubleshooting RadioBOSS in the event it gets stuck on a track or something happens and you want to know what it was doing at the time? Over the past month we have experienced an issue where RadioBOSS got stuck playing a track, repeating the same bit of audio...
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    RadioBOSS API XML issue

    Hello, We have a VBScript script using the RadioBOSS API (playbackinfo) which gets the current track, inserts a stream track and then plays the inserted track. It usually works fine, until there is an umlaut in the XML content (e.g. ?). Basically the XML document class cannot handle the umlaut...
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    Broadcast Track Title

    A few things: 1) Changing of the broadcast title on a playing track does not seem to send an update. For example, if it's set to a value and then you change it to something else, it doesn't update. 2) API command to update the broadcast title - can this be implemented? 3) If you play a...
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    Delete track by 'playlistindex'

    The 'delete' action deletes a track from a position in the playlist - Great :) The 'getplaylist2' action lists the playlist with each tracks 'playlistindex' - Not so great if you want to find a track and delete it, as the PLAYLISTINDEX is not the playlist position. For example, if I use...
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    Play sweeper / voice track every X tracks with overlay?

    Hello, We have radio jingles & sweepers which at the moment, play inbetween tracks as a normal track. We want to start using them so they are played at the beginning of every 3 tracks (for example) and overlay the track which is playing, like a voice track. Is the best way to do this just to...
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    Require network stream to keep retrying until told to stop/next trac- here's why

    With reference to,4651.msg23413.html#msg23413 The problem here is that we need RadioBOSS to keep playing/retrying the stream and not move on to the next track until told to do so, or our live DJs feed (from a shoutcast server) will be interrupted when...
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    Does RadioBOSS prevent same tracks being played without using no repeat?

    Hello, I think I could of phrased the subject better but let me explain what I am trying to do and hopefully someone can tell me the best way... We are planning on having single tunes played at different times of the day, but once a day we may want to play from a selection of mixes which can...
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    vu Meter for Inputs + Mic

    Hello, I think it would be extremely useful to have vu meters to monitor the inputs + mic level. Would it be possible to add the option to have these added alongside the main one? And/Or give the option as to what the main vu meter gets it level from? Thanks!
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    Scheduler Option

    Hello, I find the current features of the scheduled events great, with a lot of options - however one thing that is missing, is the ability to start a scheduled event if it was missed. If you compare this to Windows own Task Scheduler, the option is highlighted in the screenshot attached. User...
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    Bug: Next track does not work in certain circumstances

    Hello, I seem to have found a bug. The next track function (either by button or API) does not work if the playing track is 1st in the playlist and is then deleted. This doesn't happen if shuffle is enabled. Example: 1. Song A 2. Song B 3. Song C 1 is removed/deleted from the playlist (but is...
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    API Command for stream status

    Hello, Are there any plans to be able to query stream connection status and/or control streams whether they are enabled/disabled via the API ? If not, is this a valid feature request? Thanks
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    ON AIR Status indicator

    Hello, I think this has been asked for before, but I can no longer find the thread after trying to search... Can the 'ON AIR' indicator be made to represent whether stream(s) are currently connected or not? I think the old thread mentioned how it would not be possible due to having multiple...