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  1. phs

    Next Track Follows Highlighted Track

    I'm not sure exactly how to describe this problem, so forgive me if it's a little unclear.... On our studio PC, playback follows the currently highlighted track in the playlist. For example, if I have a track playing, and then click on track 8 in the playlist, when the current track ends...
  2. phs

    Access Program Log via API

    Would it be possible to retrieve the current program log (ie, last played tracks, error messages, past scheduler events etc) via the API?
  3. phs

    Database Reconnection

    If database connection is lost for any reason (network glitch, server restart etc), RB currently shows a "No Database Connection!" error until next restart. Could we please have a reconnection process so we don't have to restart RB to re-establish the database connection? Preferably automatic...
  4. phs

    Disable Start and End Times for Track

    We download our news from a third party who produce it for us. We download it every hour, overwriting the old file. The files are never the same length, but RB seems to set a Start and End time for the file once and remember it even if the file becomes longer. The ends result is the news is cut...
  5. phs

    Disable Crossfading by File Type

    Could we have an option to disable crossfading for specific file types? In our case, we keep our news assets in their own folder/file type and they should not crossfade as it cuts the start and end of the spoken audio. The tracks can go for several minutes so we can't disable crossfading by...
  6. phs

    Library Search - Add "ALL" option

    Current functionality to search the library requires specifying which field to search (ie, artist, title, genre etc). Could we have an option to search all fields at the same time?
  7. phs

    [BUG] /newest picks up state file

    When running an event in the scheduler to select the newest playlist from a directory (/newest), it appears RB looks for any type of file in that directory. In our case, it picked up the corresponding .state file for the playlist it should have chosen, then error'ed because it couldn't process...
  8. phs

    Scheduler Inserting Items at Position 2

    When our top of the hour news event runs, for some reason it is inserting the tracks at position #2 in the playlist, instead of at position #1. Refer attached screenshot. "Freestylers - Push Up" is currently playing, in the middle of the track. The "NEWS - News Opener", "airnews", and "NEWS -...
  9. phs

    Check file existence on playlist load

    Could RB do a quick check for file existence of each file in the playlist when loading a playlist please? We have presenters that create their playlist days or even weeks in advance. Some times for whatever reason files get moved or deleted but the user doesn't find out until they get to that...
  10. phs

    [BUG] Click and Drag Scheduled Events

    When logged in as a user without permission to edit scheduled events, it is possible to click and drag an event into a different group. This shouldn't be possible as it creates problems when enabling and disabling tasks by group, if someone has moved an event it can be enabled/disabled when it...
  11. phs

    Contribution: RadioBoss-WUB (Basic Web Interface)

    (If this isn't the right forum, please feel free to move) RadioBoss WebUI Basic (WUB) is a basic HTML and JavaScript control interface for RadioBoss. It does not require a web server, and should run in any modern browser. It is MIT-licensed so you can use pretty much however you'd like. More...
  12. phs

    Make "File Type" available in Notifications

    Could we have the option to include the "File Type" (eg, Sweeper, Jingle etc) in the HTTP Notification system? eg, send a notification like: This would allow us to customize the "now playing" message on our website...
  13. phs

    Disable "Open Playlist"

    Could there be an option (per user) to disable the "Open" playlist function? On our studio PC, some users still ignore our SOP to use "Playlist" -> "Add Tracks from Playlist" and instead open the playlist for their show. They then do their show, the current playlist gets emptied, and at some...
  14. phs

    Add CORS SOP Header to API Responses

    I'm trying to use the API from a javascript client in a web browser. Unfortunately modern browsers are blocking the requests due to CORS Same Origin Policy. Could the API please add an "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" header to it's HTTP responses please? More information here...
  15. phs

    Purpose of MySQL?

    So I've finally got the MySQL database working with RB after the last update, however I'm a little confused as to it's purpose. Looking at the database schema, there doesn't appear to be any tag data stored (artist, title, genre etc), only the RB specific metadata (bpm, playcount, time markers...
  16. phs

    Can't get MySQL Working - Table 'tracks' already exists (1050)

    Hi all, So I've installed the latest RB release ( to test the new MySQL feature, but I can't get it working. I have a server running MariaDB 10.3.11 on CentOS 7 on the same local network as the RadioBoss PC. I configure RB to connect to the host, and the 'Test' button tells me...
  17. phs

    Schedule Removal of Missing Files from Library

    Is there a way to schedule removal of missing files from a library? We have a library to index audio assets of our presenters -- they are frequently adding, moving and removing files but the current automatic update only adds new/moved files without removing the old it seems.
  18. phs

    Multiple Schedulers

    It would be great to have 2 schedulers, that can be enabled/disabled independently. Our use case would be: Scheduler 1 permanently enabled (and locked "on" to the standard user) for playing the hourly news, advertisements etc. Scheduler 2 would contain playlist generation events for unattended...
  19. phs

    Library Update - Tags and Remove Missing Files

    Is there a way to schedule a Library Update that will include the "Remove Missing Tracks" and "Update Tags from Files" functions? I understand it's a heavy/slow process, but I can schedule it once a day on a second computer to keep the load off the on-air computer.
  20. phs

    Drag & Drop Library to Cart Wall

    We can drag from the file explorer and playlist window to the cart wall. It would be helpful to be able to do the same from the library window. Perhaps also a function to right-click a track in the library and "Load to Cart Wall" to put it in the next unassigned cart?