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    Hello again. There are some options of the advertising programmer that would be interesting to implement (from my point of view), if they are not already there because I do not know how to do it. 1.- It is possible that when a customer changes the ad, it can be changed directly. Ie right mouse...
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    Weather command

    Hello, when I call the weather command I get this error: Weather command skipped because of rate limitation.
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    Error playback

    Hello, since the last update I am having some problems in the creation of lists. As I do not know how to explain the problem I put you video link so you can see what happens, which the previous version did not happen. How do I solve this problem? Thank you
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    Playlitst and event

    Hi, I know it's something idiotic, but I personally liked it that way. After updating RadioBoss, the advertising rolls disappear from the playlist once they are issued as well as the Tracklist and I think any command that arrives from the event. Surely there is some option to leave this in the...
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    Hello, lately I'm working with Voiceovers. I like radioBoss to mix the voice with the songs automatically. But ... this is done only in the intro of the song. It would be great if you could also do it in the outro. In this way, songs that do not have enough intro can be mixed at the end of the...
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    RadioBoss & Weather

    Hello again. I have been trying the RadioBoss weather option again and the truth is that they do not coincide at all with the temperature and humidity that we have in our city (tested in different areas of the city). Always the temperature differs, in some cases, up to 6 degrees centigrafos, and...
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    Report Generator

    Hello, I used the 'Report Generator' for the first time, to justify the publicity issued to a client. All correct, but could not add for future updates the data of the Issuer as a logo, company name, address, phone ... Thank you
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    Request song

    A simple request. Is there anyone who has a web script for requesting songs? Thank you
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    Hi. Is there a problem with lis teaser on windows 7? It does not reproduce them. However in windows 10 it works without problems
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    DTMF delay

    Hello, I have a problem with the configuration of DTMF tones. I will try to explain the matter to see if it can be solved. At present, I am connected to a station chain that uses DTMF tones for advertising disconnections, this uses 4624 tone and connects via streaming shoutcast. So far so...
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    dtmf tonos

    Hi. I am doing some tests with dtmf tones and I would like to know if you can create tones through a command. Thank you
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    Hello everyone, I would like to make some requests for future RadioBoss updates. 1.- Possibility of inserting the time data in the interface of the program. This would be useful for live broadcasts where the announcer had these data on hand. 2.- Possibility of inserting in the advertising...
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    Hello, in this new version of Radioboss, we have a problem in our station. We use voicetrack for some of the songs it sounds, but Radioboss does not do well between advertising and voicetrack. It turns out that if the advertisement is inserted after a voicetrack, it does not release the audio...
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    comando para copiar pautas

    Come up with something else. I happen to have an external program to create patterns ads for my radio. This creates me in a yyyy / mm / dd folder, but needed to know if anyone knows copied using a .bat dated folders to another folder, so that guidelines are updated to the date of issue. Thank you
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    Hello, I have several days testing the connection and disconnection with DTMF tones and can not get connected back to the main station. You see, as you can see in the picture, connecting tone 69 disconnect tone 96. All good to place the advertising, disconnect and introduces advertising, the...
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    Ad scheduler questions

    Hello , first of all to congratulate you for radioboss , I have recommended it to several FM stations and are happy with the system. I have a doubt about the ad system. Look . first in future versions should include " If no tracks in the playlist , add them to the queue '. I've been testing...
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    Hello, first of all congratulate you for creating this new version cinceramente seems great. Just see any problem when applying it to my radio station and is what makes me decide not to purchase the program permanently. Veran, the programmer of advertising is great for ternerlo everything well...
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    several questions

    Hello, I have some questions before proceeding to purchase the program. You see, in settings is the option of file types, which by default puts and commercial jingles. I added several more categories to our radio formula, such as A, B, C, D. .. but I get no such classification in music library...