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    Rotation of Directories: One Track From Each Directory

    Hello! Is it possible to create a rotation-playlist of (random-track) directories, such that on each generation of a playlist - only one track is taken from each directory? In other words, on each generation - pointer is advanced to the next directory on list and plays only one track from it...
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    Playlist Generator Pro: Saving a Preset to File

    Hello! How could a Preset be saved to a file, so I can backup it or load it onto another RadioBOSS instance? (Not talking about a generated playlist, but rather on the Preset itself)
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    Improvement Request: Event Editor

    Hello again, Dmitry! Could a Clear All option be added to Week Days selection (per Event), i.e. a button, which when pressed, instantly clears all day selections? (so that no day would be selected for this event)
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    Event for executing a rotation-playlist

    Hello! After creating a rotation (playlist) using Playlist-Generator Pro, I'm trying to execute it using an Event. The aim is: Every time this event executes, it should play 1 item from the list, sequentially (according to the order of items on the list). After playing the last item on list...
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    Bug/Necessary Improvement Request: Playlist-Generator Category-Edit Dialog

    Hello! In the Playlist-Generator, the Category-editing dialog is non-resizable. This is very annoying, as often times, the Tracks tab should include items whose path is longer from Dialog's width, and are hence not fully-shown (unless you stop and hover over each item separately, until a...
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    Daily/Weekly Broadcasting-Schedule

    Hello! I'm looking for a tool (or possibly - a function built into RadioBOSS, I'm not aware of) for automatic generation of a viewable, daily broadcasting-schedule, from the events on my RadioBOSS instance. Ideally, It should be able to build a daily-schedule for the next 7 days (i.e. a week)...