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    IMpossible to play line input

    Hello, we set the setting for line in 1 with [WASAPI] and line in from our soundcard => the result is WASAPI input device init error : -1(no description (-1)) Unable to play! Error code 5 (invalid handle) and just silence playing we also tried with DirectSound => DS:Unsable to start the device...
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    RadioCaster - Error 40

    (Traduction Google translate) ??? >:( Hello, Since Tuesday, Radio Caster no longer broadcasts on the Internet. My URL "" says that it is connected but impossible to operate. An error message: Unable to start the broadcast (output 1) Error 40. I deleted my...
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    Carte son

    Hello, After an update of windows-10  I had problems with the sound cards of RadioBoss and I can no longer activate the wasapi (as it was before the update) See attached file THANK YOU !
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    Problems updating windows 10 radioboss

    Hello After remission of a day I have Windows 10 sound card problems (changed configuration) I handed as originally but the speed is too slow on direct What to do????? Thank you Message de Windows10 : " Main sound card cannot be initiali  zed .Please check the sound  card configuration. Click...
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    important proposals

    Hello I am a customer new buyer Proposal for future updates - Is it possible to have a programmable recording ? (Day, hour, minute) by radio boss?  (I already have the logger) - Is it possible to have a departure from the mixing desk to launch radioboss? (A dry loop happens in the taking db9...
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    RadioBOSS Fr ???

    Hello, I tried for a few weeks RadioBOSS Then I bought  with RadioLogger and radio Caster ..(A week ago).. I'm happy   During my test there he had a French translation (Max LEGOUX) why I do not find it when I purchased version? (I have to manually translate ALL) it miss and  it miss a lot for...
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    Error Archive LOGGER

    Hello, Why in the archives of LOGGER I get the message: "Unable to play ! Error code 37  (No description 37)" ??? Thank you.
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    I want to buy ...

    hello I look for corrrespondant speaking french to guide me in my purchases (RadioBoss Standard, Logger, Caster) Thank you Je cherche corrrespondant qui parle francais pour me guider dans mes achats (RadioBoss Standard, Logger, Caster) Merci
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    Aide en Francais

    Bonjour je veux acheter Radio Boss standard, Logger et Caster, COMMENT FAIRE ? Quelqu?un peut m'aider en FRANCAIS ? Me guider ! Merci a vous