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    Create pause between each song

    Hi all, I need to create a pause from about 4-5 seconds after each song, because this is usual for a tango community. Now i found the option in Playlist to add a pause, but still he cuts this, though i deactivated fadeout and fade in and remove gaps and silence between tracks. Of course its...
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    Play Track 2 Times

    Hi All Ich have a weird problem. I programmed every hour the news, the news take about 2 minutes, after the news i programmed he has to play a jingle at 2 minutes after the news , after this i programmed he must play a playlist of songs So far everything work fine. Strange thing is he plays the...
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    How to delete music libary when window does not appears from llibary

    Its strange but if i click on music libary the window does not open. in the tasklist is see he opnened the libary but when i click on it nothing happens. Strange thins is in the searchfield (schreenshot) he shows all songs. Is there a way to delete all libaries per commandline? I do not know...
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    Repeating Songs / Artists

    HI There, I came around following problem. I run a playlist, for example for 3 hours, in this list all songs are only 1 time in the list, so no double songs. I want to avoid repeatings songs for a certan time from this manual made playlist, so not made by Generator Pro, I know with Generator...
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    Choose what to restore

    Dear support, The backup tool is a good thing, nice would be if you want to restore from a backup fiile that you could choose which item you want to rerstore. For example you should be possible to choose between: Sound configuration Database Schedules plans perhaps other settings or all, which...
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    Read time out

    Hi All, I have bought News service that plays every hour the actual news. Now i made a scheduled download command that downloads every hour the actual news. Regurlarly i becom an error in Radioboss "Download file error: Read timed out." I do not know why. When I click on the event itself and...
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    Using Microphone

    Hello All, I am trying to use the micerophone option in Radioboss. In the manual it says i have to set the music level to -50dB for complete silence of the music using the mic button. now I still hear the music in the background. Its not loud but still... I do not want to hear the music when...
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    Twitter update

    Hi all i added the twitter command and works so far good. Sometimes i get following failure: HTTP Request (#1) error: HTTP/1.1 400 Request failed "Twitter status update failed: Status is a duplicate. [B101Wo6gq7hn8hCCdByTIarM9]" Somebody knows whats wrong here?
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    Jingles not playing at programmed time

    Hi There I have a problem with my jingles. I programmed them to play 4 times in 1 hour, see screenshot. Now he plays a jingle at 2 minutes, but at 15, 30, 45 minutes he puts him in the playlist but does not play it, I think he he puts it to the end of the playlist, but he should play the jingle...
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    right settings more events

    Hi All My first post here, i read a lot and viewed many videos about Raadioboss. I could not find the problem i have to solve Perhaps someone could help. I set every hour a fadeout for 8 seconds, then news must be played (news have different length from 2.30 to 3.30 minutes), afterned a jingle...
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    Asio Select

    Hi all I bought the Advannced RAdio Boss version. Now i have problems with my soundcard, he does not accept the Asio driver  and i get these error: 'Main' Device init error: data not available (37) Now i wanted to use my Hercules inpulse 300 DJ control, but it seems not to work. Nevertheless...