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    Teaser does not obey the sequence

    My Teaser is set to play the next song to play (marked in yellow). When the next song is a random list, it does not obey this reading, starting to launch the next song in the player (marked in orange). Can this be fixed?
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    Playlist mixdown feature

    How do I send to the player the name of the songs individually, contained within the rendered file??
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    Audios nao seguindo regras

    I program a time audio and then a spot block. The audio (in green) is programmed to enter before the block (in yellow), but in the programmed time it puts the hour audio (in green) and when the programmed block enters later, it ends up entering before the hour audio. How to fix it ?. Here's the...
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    Teaser in Track List

    A "track list" contains several songs and therefore when adding a "teaser" before the next track list, the "teaser" is ignored. What is the solution to the problem?