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    Report generator

    Con i file in formato flac, la lunghezza e la lunghezza totale non vengono visualizzate nel file di report, tutto è regolare con i file mp3.
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    RadioBOSS update 5.9.1

    Hi, i installed the new version and I have the following error with the Report Generator function. Stefano
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    Tag Music Library

    Good evening, in the music library you can add the tag "label" in addition to those already present: artist, title, album .... Thank you.
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    Add command

    Good morning , you can add this command. Thank you Stefano
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    Announcement of the year

    Dmitriy. Is it possible to add a function  the announcement  of the year of the song on the air from files already recorded as the time signal . Thank you
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    Next song on air

    Good morning, you can add in the future the function before the news or publicity airs the chorus of the song to be broadcast later. Thanks
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    Disable song

    Good morning, you can add the song to feature disables the period to be disabled. Example: from 21/06/2015 to 21.07.2015 Thanks Stefano
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    Configure the announcement automatic weathe

    Good evening I ask you how to configure the announcement automatic weather. Thanks Stefano
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    Search function and request songs

    Good evening, you can add the search track function  on the  playlist . Thank You Stefano
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    Time Announcement

    Good morning, my English is not perfect. Is possible in the future to have the opportunity to announce the time signal from two different voices. Thanks Stefano