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  1. Wheslley

    DTMF scheduled event

    The event is scheduled to run every 15 minutes, but it should only start when the DTMF is detected, it doesn't, before the DTNF signal happens it usually starts, is this a bug?
  2. Wheslley

    Mute relay command

    I need to mute, the retransmission and I need the audio of the playlist to be released even if the retransmission is in effect. Ex. For this application: "Radioboss of a local radio needs to execute the main playlist with commercials via DTMF, but keep the retransmission muted and only release...
  3. Wheslley

    Cleaner file explorer

    It would be nice if you can choose the path of the folder tree to be displayed in the file explorer, so you can not list unnecessary folders, leaving a cleaner look and making it easier to browse a particular file or folder. as you can see in the second image.
  4. Wheslley

    Teaser Replay Protection

    There are several songs coming from the same artist, in the future could have protection from artist repeat for Teaser ???
  5. Wheslley


    The software might have the option of enabling and disabling columns, just as it is possible in the playlist tab.
  6. Wheslley

    File Types

    File types, could have option so that the files of a deternated folder can be repeated, it would be useful to use tracks, locution funds, when these files are inserted in the playlist will repeat until the announcer jumps to next music.
  7. Wheslley

    Time announcement from just one audio file

    Hello, would it be possible for Radioboss to play the time announcement with just one audio file, in an upcoming update? I see that the software that does this, leaves the programming of the radio more fluid, it would be very important that radioboss did as well. Remember that when using the...