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    RadioBOSS crashing

    Access violation at address 00DCC94F in module 'radioboss.exe'. Read of address 0000000D. Im asking for help! Why is this happening and blocking the program and stop working? How can I fix the problem that the program will work smoothly Thanks
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    ??? I am asking for the possibility of using the playcound option for the purpose of operation as it was in one of the previous versions when clicking on the playcound and it was possible to sort the songs that were played a little time. I would like, if possible, for this option to be used in...
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    Recently played history

    Please for information or in the BOSS program function for displaying the history of songs played on the server and if it is not, or is, and where, as yet, or it may be added in the future.  ??? :-\ :'( Tenx and bb
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    Report generator

    Hi. I have an urgent request. My radio is a pro and so due to copyright protection agency, I must send a monthly report of all being played on the radio. So I really ask if it is possible to get or make a script REPORT GENERATOR, as in the attached picture. Thank you and bay.
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    File Types" (Use bed for playback)

    Please help me. I have a problem and do not know what this feature and how to configure the worse clips that you do not play ??? "File Types" (Use bed for playback) "Bed level ???  >< +30db or -30db It is not clear to me what the function itself means and how to set up ... I ask for help and...
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    Playback hours

    Hi everyone. I have a request. Or you could make or communicate, how do I play an hour at a specific time in the Slovenian language. And where might downloads ??? Thank you and bay bay