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    Easy RDS support

    At this moment RB is generating a 'now playing' text file wich only contains artist and title. As i try several packages all the time, i found that the feature in SAM is verry nice to implement RDS text and also RDS+ support for streotool. SAM has a feature to open a html or txt file, and...
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    radioboss runs, but no GUI

    Ok, this is the second time i had this. Radioboss is running (audio plays) icon is in quick launch. But i can not open the GUI I can close the program, i can run the program but the GUI will not launch. Anyone has a suggestion ? Thanks, Jeroen.
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    Shuffle function does not work in version 5.3.3

    Hello, just upgraded to version 5.3.3 and nu shuffle does not work anymore. Any more users with the same problem ? Thanks, Jeroen