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  1. Davide72

    Problem with "Track Deactivated" and "Set Data Start/End" in "Track Tool" Option

    Good morning; I have noticed that in the current version of RadioBoss, even though I have ticked the checkmark to deactivate a track in a rotating playlist of spots, it is still being played. Unfortunately, the same thing happens even if I enter the start and end dates of the broadcast. Can this...
  2. Davide72

    Crossfare editor Problem

    Good morning; I was hoping that in the latest version the problem of listening to several tracks at once in the "crossfade editor" editing window had been resolved. I still find that it is not possible to listen to both tracks when I position myself with the cursor at about three quarters of the...
  3. Davide72

    Problem with tags

    Good morning; I see that in the latest versions of RadioBoss it is not possible for me to remove the added tags to make the software recite certain jingles overlapping the songs. Unfortunately, same thing happens if I use the database to edit. Is it just my problem? I enclose a short explanatory...
  4. Davide72

    Unable to remove an overlay

    Good evening, it is impossible for me to remove an overlay from a jingle inserted in a "teaser", which always goes to the next song in the playlist. In versions prior to 6.0 this did not happen to me. Could it be a software bug? I attach image and audio file
  5. Davide72

    Problem with "File Types" in the lates version

    Hello, unfortunately, in the latest version of RadioBOSS I have various problems with the teasers and the fades managed by the "file types" section :cry: . Lately I find that the acronyms of the various recorded broadcasts overlap at the beginning of the speech, although I have configured in...
  6. Davide72

    search option does not work with "line in" mode

    Hello, unfortunately I noticed that in the latest version of RadioBOSS there is no longer the possibility to use the right mouse button inside the central window (on air) in "line-in" mode, which I need to be able to correct the remaining time during the live shows from another source that...
  7. Davide72

    Problem with Crossfade Editor

    Hello, I noticed that in version 6.0 RadioBOSS no longer saves the volume configurations that are set in the crossfade editor. How to solve?
  8. Davide72

    Volume Voiceovers Tracks

    Hello; I would like to know how to adjust the volume of the "voiceovers" tracks  ??? Thanks
  9. Davide72

    Two new requests for the next version

    Hi, I'd like to see two other features implemented in the next version of the program. The first one I inserted is the "Mix In" function, at the end of being able to create custom mixes and without having to use the "file types" function, which in the case of many songs to customize, it becomes...
  10. Davide72

    Auto Intro Request

    Would it be possible to implement in the conditions of "Auto Intro" also the choice "year", besides "Artist", "Comments", "Genre" and "File Name"? It would be nice to be able to tell the listeners the year of the song they are playing! I attach image
  11. Davide72

    Help! Unable to use VST and DSP plugin

    Good evening; this problem happens to me when I select one of the VST or DSP plugins in the window and then click on + (add). None of the DSP and VST plugins are working from the previous version of RadioBoss, while they only work "equalizer" and "compressor". On other computers where RadioBoss...
  12. Davide72

    Teaser, errore code 902

    Before the teaser is put on the air, this problem sometimes appears, how could it be solved?
  13. Davide72

    Problems with enlarge playlist fonts

    Hello; because when I enlarge the fonts in the playlist via Settings ? View ? Style ? Playlist Fonts, do I only enlarge the header characters while it does not work for those inside the playlist window?  ??? I noticed the problem only in the latest version of Radioboss  ::)
  14. Davide72

    Problem with the displays of titles during live broadcast with another pc

    Hello; I have a problem with the display of titles on the web while using the "LineInput" function for live transmissions. Even if you enable "send activity name instead of the title tracks to the server", on the network it shows me the words "<SYSTEM> - LINE INPUT and not the name of the live...
  15. Davide72

    Problem with FTP cover function

    Hello; I can not understand why it is impossible to transfer covers within a web host with the appropriate function.  :'( The password and other parameters are right, but in logs I always say error. Possible solutions?  ??? Thanks
  16. Davide72

    Bug and RadioBoss blocked

    I often see that while the software plays this file, it stops. There are custom mixes, but I do not understand the problem because they never happened in the past  :-\ I downloaded version, it could be a bug that was not there before
  17. Davide72

    Automatic downloads from WeTransfer

    Hello; it is possible to automatically download the files from WeTransfer with the scheduler?  ??? Thanks
  18. Davide72

    Problems with "deleted task at.."

    Hello, When imposed "maximum time to wait in the queue" in the scheduler events, this rule are not respected. How to fix this problem?  ???
  19. Davide72

    Download error

    Hello; After downloading an mp3 weather file from a server, sometimes I get this error: "Unable to access the file. The file is in use by another process". Why is it happening?  ::) Using the "function "now launching", then it works. I tried to postpone the download time to address any...
  20. Davide72

    Problems option Crossfade with multiple events playlist

    Hello; I saw that by creating multiple playlists with jingles and music ( directory : Add- Event - Event Actions ) the crossfade settings do not work . I 'm using the Beta version Possible solutions ? Thank you for any answer.