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    Can't use any VST filter while DSP works

    Hi radio guys, i have to insert manually audio filter on each track and that's tedious. i discovered that filters feature on radioboss, whitch sounds great, but stereo tool is the only one i was able to make it work, and only using the winamp dsp version. dll looks discovered by software...

    Device stalled

    each day on event load i had "main device appears to be stalled. reinitializing, main device started sucessfully. d "main device appears to be stalled. reinitializing, main device started sucessfully." i may have to get back to a stable release. it's not coming from my device and i'm having...

    RadioBOSS 6.0 comments

    - rating fields in main windows display nombers instead of stars - tag field and backup database are welcomes - new crossfade is awesome but missing some customisations - on main windows track information on bottom including cover sometimes doesn't load or stop working - embed caster have many...

    RadioCaster more AAC bitrates, few suggestions & bugs report

    hi there finaly i were able to buy a radioboss licence. i'm so happy with it i even taken radiocaster and radiologger licence too. feel free to give an ear or too on my online station ;-) (yeah, call me spammer guy, i don't care, i assume this reputation !) of course it's never perfect...