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  1. Sasa Grbic

    displaying metadata tags from the opus format

    Hello. I inserted rip music in .opus format. Foobar2000 sees tags and RadioBoss does not. When I insert one of the songs on the playlist, RadioBoss does not display meta tags. Why is this so and can it be fixed?
  2. Sasa Grbic

    Song priority

    Hello. I see in the base I have a lot of songs that have never been broadcast. There are also songs that are broadcast twice. How do I playlist creator pro to say that the songs are the priority they have not been broadcasted so far?
  3. Sasa Grbic

    Playback problem

    Hello. Today I've tested some plugins as they work with Radio Boss and I seem to have done something I do not need and now the program will not play the song independently. It only plays the song I click on. I tried to let Radioboss work without any plugins and this is happening again. What...
  4. Sasa Grbic

    What an alternative to a stereo tool

    Hello. Today I've tried the Vst version of the Stereo tool plugin. Plugin is great, it works great, but its interface is inaccessible to screen readers. This means that blind users can not change the settings in this plugin. Are there any equally good alternatives to this plugin so I can see...
  5. Sasa Grbic

    Several questions for the playlist generator

    I want a playlist generator to make a playlist with half an hour of music in the 1980's, so that he can do half an hour of music in the nineties. I would like the playlist generator to play a halfway playlist by various parameters of the year. I also want the playlist generator to play real...
  6. Sasa Grbic

    Is it possible to set up automatic voiceovers?

    When I manually set the voiceovers in the track tool to a song, it does it nicely. Is it possible to set RadioBOSS to place voiceovers in the song?