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    Track Tool Help

    Trying to edit out dead air in songs using the track tool but when i set where dead air ends and check the box for start or intro then Set it save the mp3 without the dead air. Anyone know how i should be setting this ?
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    New Features & info

    New here and would like to see a new feature added why you can set a jingle or commercial to play after x number of time songs. Also I'm trying to find out how to edit the webpage where it says "sub header text" how do I edit that info there ? I tried to find this info in the help section...
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    Teasers feature help

    I need help setting about 4 to 6 teasers from 70s songs. I opened voice track but don't understand how to do this. Please help here.
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    Jingles Problem with Radioboss software

    Hi everyone, I'm broadcasting with Radioboss software on my stream but the jingles i added from cart wall do not play over the air..they do test fine. Dave -
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    RadioBoss Cloud Login Problem

    I'm trying to login for RadioBoss Cloud with the Radio Boss software but getting a message account not found.
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    Weather Temperature mistakes

    I have the weather for Monroe, NY in the events field correct and does update but I noticed it just gave a temperature of 44 where its actually 33. I'm using open weather so is there anyway to fix this mistake ?
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    Help with Weather Script

    I have edited the weather script that I had help with here; I think now it doesn't sound right...can someone please rewrite basic weather with tomorrow's forecast as well.
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    On Demand & Spotify Podcasts Problem

    I'm trying to add an on-demand & Spotify podcasts to Radioboss but i only get a message that it has been scheduled but never plays. How do I fix this to play?
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    Help with setting up weather in RadioBoss 6.0

    I'm getting this error when i tried to schedule weather... Unable to play! Error code 2 (unable to open the file/invalid server address). Can someone help here...Thanks.
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    Voice Track Record Error

    Just started using RadioBoss advanced software..I'm getting the error JPG attached when i try to record. Can someone please help here. It does record but when i stop it i get that message. Update...i was able to fix... Thanks, Dave -