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    trial version

    anyone else having the issue where current version prompts for licence key otherwise it goes into trial version, licence key does work and makes it full version but when I quit and relaunch, it prompts again for licence key. I dont know what controls this. Have had RB for quite a while...
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    audio from website into RB

    I have a website that has a video/audio feed that plays fine through my speakers, I am looking to find a way for RB to stream the audio of that website. I cannot find the audio/video "source" of that website, it seems hidden in javascript. Any ideas?
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    possible bug

    just noticed this one, if in the playlist you delete the currently playing track and then click on the "next track" icon, it skips one further track and plays the 2nd track in the list and then leaves the "1st track" in a kind of limbo here i deleted a track that was playing, and clicked on...
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    [W-1] Warning! Title update failed (Output 1)

    [W-1] Warning! Title update failed (Output 1) shows in log and stops the network feed and the silence detector kicks in
  5. O crashing repeatedly crashing every 5 minutes, it restarts as i set it to restart
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    events that have been disabled still show in event list

    not sure if bug or as intended if events are disabled by an expiration, here expires as 19:00:01, it still shows in the event window as grayed out, i need to uncheck enabled and recheck enabled for it to disappear
  7. O is final version ?

    i am assuming so, as the my beta test licence expired so is now a trial version that only runs for a few hours.
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    refresh of scheduler window

    i still think it would be good to have a refresh of the scheduler window, either automatic, or have a command to do it. when my groups disable and enable, they scheduler window does not show the current state, until i click on the enable checkbox twice i know its a minor thing, its only 2...
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    need clarification, not in manual

    just need clarification from developer or ANY user what does this option do? (the little speaker icon) seems logical to me that it mutes the LOCAL audio (what comes out of my studio speakers) but NOT the broadcasted audio (i still see the "on air" and VU meter runnings, am i right?
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    minor bug/oddity

    when installing a new upgrade version, the log file shows a different time format for the "started" event, here 6:12:08 PM whereas before and after are in 24 hour format. Would just like it be consistent, but not a biggie ! :) May not be fixable cos possibly that data comes from windows itself.
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    show groups

    in the same way that showfilters has check boxes across the top of the scheduler for the weekdays, it would be useful to have groups also available as check boxes, possibly just underneath/above
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    enablegroup seems to not work anymore

    the enablegroup command appears to be broken ran enablegroup sunday but the events in the group sunday did not activate
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    possible bug

    possible bug get weather event stops scheduled network stream event this happened a few days ago, i had a scheduled network stream, it queued and was looking like ready to play, a weather api call ran and this seems to cancel the network stream event, i had to manually start it a few minutes...
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    silence detector

    if the silence detector kicks in, under what conditions does it "kick out", ie how do i get the regular schedule to start again automatically i would have thought that if silence was not detected the regular schedule would kick back in, but apparently not. I suppose that the output was not...
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    [A] what is this prefix? in the scheduler

    [A] have never come across this prefix showing up the scheduler before
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    Multiple scheduler actions

    seems to be some problems with running multiple events that combined commands, they don't seem to work as predicted, i might just go back to having them as separate events. I was trying to combine the various command to disable and enable groups to switch between different "modes" that i like to...