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    Functionality questions: Adding song art, sharing playlists, analytics

    Hi there, everyone! I am evaluating the platform coming from SAM Cloud and RadioJar, and would appreciate your guidance about the following questions, or pointing me to your help files if available: a. Let's say I want to run two stations using the platform, is there an option to share...
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    Select tracks to play before and after this track functionality

    Hi all, I am trialing Radiobossfm, but have not seen this feature and wondered if I have missed it. Does RBFM supports adding a track (a jingle or a promo) before or after a given track, i.e. introducing a song or playing a promo such as 'this is your new song of the day" , etc. I am not...
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    Remote management via a RadioBossCloud dedicated app

    Hello all, I am evaluating RBCFm in order to know what I can do and can not do before signing in. This is a simple question, does RadioBossFm has a dedicated app for admins that allows for remote management via a smart phone (IOs) i.e. Schedule management, what's playing, users connected...
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    Automation question: Does Cloud supports playblocks or pilots?

    Hi all, I am evaluating RBFM coming from SAM Cloud and RadioJar, and have the following question: Does RadiobossFm supports automation via "playblocks" or "pilots" (these are terms used in the other platforms)?? In a nutshell, instead of creating, scheduling and playing a multiple playlists...