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    Renewal of RB

    Hello DJS/ RB I had sent you 2 emails in past month about renewal of RB from (bought in 2019) to current version 6.0. But haven't received any response from you. Please have a look and respond asap. Thanks :)
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    Radio Boss Streaming Link

    I am trying to stream link on my radio boss cloud. but it doesn't seem to work/play. The stream link works fine on browser.. but not when i schedule it in my boss cloud. please see below the settings. please help. thanks
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    RadioBoss Cloud - HTML Player Code Not Working

    Further to my previous post about Player on Cloud Control Panel NOT working... Neither customizable HTML5 player nor Player Code is also NOT working.. and because of the which the integrated Player link on my website is also not working. Please HELP and resolve ASAP. Thanks :)
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    Unable to play on RadioBoss Cloud

    When I press play button on top right hand corner of RadioBoss cloud Control panel.. it does not play :( and it’s stuck on repeating same 1 sec of song .. Please Help!! Thanks 😊
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    RB Cloud - Songs Skipping

    I have noticed that some "Now playing" songs are getting skipped to "next track" in the middle of the song. And some songs are being skipped just before it’s about to end. Please help. Thanks :) #RJManish 🎧
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    Normalize Audio - RadioBoss cloud

    Hi My listeners complain that audible level is not same for all songs .. so, is there anyway, in the settings or otherwise, I can normalize the sound of all songs in the music library to make it more listenable. Thanks!
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    "Coming up next" not displaying - RadioBOSS Cloud

    Hi I have noticed in last couple of days the "Coming up next" song on "overview" is displaying the same song as "now playing" Why isn't showing which song is coming up next? Please advise and fix the issue asap. Thanks
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    Unable to Connect MIC to RadioBOSS

    I am finding difficulty to connect my MIC to RadioBoss sofwtare. I'm using RODECaster Pro panel for mic it gives me error. please see attached PLEASE HELP. Thanks
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    Unable to open RadioBoss Cloud Control Panel

    Hello Dmitry I m unable to open the control panel.. it comes up as "invalid token". Please HELP! Thanks.
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    RadioBoss Cloud on iPhone

    Hello Recently I have noticed that I can't see and configure RadioBoss cloud Control Panel on my iPhone. None of the features overview, media, schedule etc appear on iPhone. Please Help! Thanks.
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    Not able to Upload New or Delete Mp3 files on Radio Boss Cloud

    Hi I am having issue with NOT able to upload any new MP3 files on RadioBoss cloud and also not able to MOVE files around and not able to DELETE any files from cloud either. I'm getting error 400 while deleting files.. plus see error message while uploading. and I have enough space on cloud...
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    Connecting RODECaster Pro with RadioBOSS

    Hi I have RadioBOSS in my PC and I broadcast live thru Now, I have bought RODECaster Pro (mixer) which has 4 mics, Bluetooth, phone connection. Details: Please let me know how do i connect this RODECaster to RadioBOSS..  so that I can use all 4...
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    How to play Station IDs every 20 mins in RadioBOSS Cloud

    Hi, I have gone through Quick Start Guide and Scheduler guide and don't find answer to schedule Station IDs every 20mins (or after regular intervals) in RadioBOSS cloud, How do schedule to play my Station ID tracks at regular intervals (say every 20mins) when I have say 10 scheduled events to...