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    Cover Art of Playlist

    Most of my playlists are program related ie host(s). Is there a way of embedding cover art for a playlist? Want to display the host picture. This could also be implemented in the event scheduler.
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    New Version ..What has changed?

    What changes/fixes are there in version ?
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    Accuweather returning error

    Over the last few days, Accuweather has been returing this message and not updating: Weather update error: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Weather update failed Nothing has changed, and I have attempted with an API key, as opposed to the default (no API key required). I have ensured that no more than...
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    Scheduled Tracks in main playlist not deleting.

    Is there a certain set time that a scheduled track will be deleted after playback in the active playlist? Is there a way of making this immediate?
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    Deleting "Coming Up Next"track from plalist if track lists are used ?

    Hi, I have a playlist made up of 5 track list items (each on random folder). If the track in the "Coming Up Next"player isn't suitable, how do we delete it from playing? If a right click on the next playlist item (another track list)  and press play next...the same song is scheduled. Also, is...