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    Sound Quality low

    Hi, I am very much interested in purchasing the RB Software and i am using the trial version, I am testing on 128kbps AAC with ST DSP. I find a low quality output after streaming, Tried everything but was unable to get a good quality out put. Since it's the testing period i am using the internal...
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    More Audio Processing For Radio Boss Cloud

    Kindly look in to adding More Audio Processing for RBC, The Normalization is Not 100% accurate, Came across songs which are still sounding low and some which are loud even after applying the Normalization. It is bit difficult to manually adjust them as There are so Many tracks that are to be...
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    Audio Quality Balancing feature

    Hi, I would like to suggest Radioboss to introduce the audio quality balancing feature. I’m not talking about Sound levelling ( Normalisation or equaliser features which is already available ) ex: say Dance Music - Though most do have Bass the sound quality varies. Yes it could be the way the...
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    click’ or ‘pop’ noice in begging of Songs & Jingles in Cloud service

    Hi, I noticed that when a song begins to play there is a "click" sound. I checked my audiofiles and they are clean. What can cause the issue? Have anyone experienced it? It usually happens when before a new song or jingle. It gives a bad output. The tracks are clean, even i tried editing some...
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    Compressor Settings

    Hi, why does the sound bump when the compressor is on? The quality if the songs are awesome when it’s on but only thing it keeps on bumping for songs. Is there a good way of having the songs played in an equal quality without the song pumping? need the compressor on as it gives a good sound.
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    Compressor feature to enable for vocal only On Radioboss Cloud

    Hi, is it possible to have an option under compressor to have it activated only to Jingles & Vocal only recordings. Cause when the compressor is on it affects the output sound for music tracks ( there is a bumping sound , tracks are not heard the original way )