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    line-in stops playing!

    we have RadioBoass 5.2.3v, we have external usb audio adapter, we use its microphone input as a line-in, it works but sometimes it stops playing and we have to double click on it, so that it palys again. whats the problem? is it a bug in this version?, the electrcity sometimes fluctuates, i...
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    cant dowload previous version

    i wanna download RadioBoss version since it's the last update to my license, but all RadioBoss versions links are downloading RadioBoss !!
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    Calculate start time ...

    calculate start time is shown in that menu when you make a right mouse click on a track in the playlist but,it's not shown if any track in the current playlist is playing, and this is the problem. when I schedule a specific track or block to go in a specific time like 1:00:00 pm, the next...
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    Profile Password

    I'd like to request this feature .. option to set a password for user profiles.
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    Audio detection

    we use Line-in to broadcast news from Television, we know when it begins but we dont know how long it would take, sometimes the news takes 40m, 42m,45m sometimes it takes 50m but it always has an intro and an outro music, so if RadioBoss can detect the outro music then fade out to the next...
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    Post " NowPlaying " on Twitter & Facebook ?

    does anyone know how to post " NowPlaying" on Twitter & Facebook ?
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    what is Trigger mix at ?

    I read in the manual it controls the minimum overlap duration ? what does that mean ?
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    Help with E-mail notifications

    I enabled E-mail notifications, set email settings as this Hotmail SMTP server name: Hotmail SMTP user name: your Hotmail account Hotmail SMTP password: your Hotmail password Hotmail SMTP port: 25 or 465 pressed test, put an email, I didnt receive anything though, why ?
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    Acoustic Echo Cancellation [ AEC ]

    is it possible to make AEC for RadioBoss ? if not, do you know of any AEC software ?
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    time calculation serious problem , help

    your program RadioBoss is really awesome , and has got really very great powerful functions and tools , for that i want it to be the main program in the station i work in , but till now i cant make it so , because of a mortal bug ive noticed recently .. the time calculation is not good even...