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  1. celso


    I would like you to add a way to change the source of listening to the DTMF by a command as is done to change the encoder, it will be very useful since we will be able to switch this source of listening. Another suggestion is to add the possibility of having the report of songs played on the...
  2. celso

    Error editing recording on Radioboss

    This error happens when editing an audio recorded in Radioboss with extension .aac or when I try to edit an audio that comes from whatsApp in ogg format too. happens on windows 7 as well as windows 10 64 bits
  3. celso


    Hi, I have a Radioboss license up to version Advanced. So I upgraded to but came up with the key to standard version instead of advanced. I need to resolve this, as I don't have more user control that I need so much. Celso Martim da Silva filho