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    Has anyone figured out the easiest way to stream live to facebook?

    If you have a music rights license (ASCAP BMI etc) they shouldn't. They may challenge you and ask if you have the license.
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    Why is SPAM being allowed in the forums even after being reported? Reported SPAM posts many times and they are still in the forums.
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    Would It Be Possible To Get A Cheaper Version For Internet Only Stations??

    There are plenty of free radio automation software options. Most are stripped down versions. Might be what you are looking for.
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    RadioBoss plans too much music

    I have the same problem. It seems random. Sometimes it is spot on and other times it is 10 to 15 minutes to much.
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    Played Playlist Question

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    Played Playlist Question

    Is there a way to keep the playlist from keeping weeks and weeks of past played songs? I just need it to maybe show the last day but mine shows weeks and weeks of already played songs.
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    DJ Mixer Addon

    He wants to use a Club DJ type software such as VirtualDJ or Tracktor. You would have to have those on a another computer. You would also need a mixer and use it to go to either RB or your other computer that has the DJ software (the output of the mixer would go to your transmitter or stream. I...
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    ASCAP, BMI, Soundexchange License Fees?

    Seriously nobody is paying license fees for streaming?
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    Playlist Generator so slow and times out occasionally

    I had a huge increase in playlist creation with Samsung T7 SSD's. They are super fast.
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    What happened to I cant log in to my account

    My stream is finally back. I think it has been 24 almost 24 hours that it has been out.
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    Still Not Able To Stream.

    Ok the stream is back working now for me.
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    Still Not Able To Stream.

    This has been going on since yesterday. What is happening? Why is this issue that appears to be wide spread with many users not being addressed?
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    What happened to I cant log in to my account

    Still not able to stream. Come on guys its been 24 hours.
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    What happened to I cant log in to my account

    Control panel is back but I can't get anything streaming. No stream for me yet.
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    What happened to I cant log in to my account

    Still can't get to the control panel as of this morning.
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    Pitch playout

    How much pitch is being added to make it sound brighter?
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    Pitch playout

    What is chr ?