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  1. C Tall Tabs

    Hi! Just installed and found the tabs are so tall that I had to reduce the size of the 'log box' to read the box above it. Also you can no longer tell what tabs are on the cart wall without mousing over each one... Thinking about reversing this update and waiting till the next one if...
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    RadioBoss Cloud GeoBlocking

    Will RadioBoss Cloud ever be available to geoblock/geofence the broadcast signal as to keep it out of various countries so as not to have to pay all of the PRO's in the world?
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    User Field

    Probably something simple I overlooked, but I would like to have the 'year' visible on a column in the 'Playlist' display. I see the 'user field' on the column listing (and also in the library), so how do I fill in the 'user field' so that it reads and displays the year? Thank you for the help...
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    Unknown error - using RB Beta

    Probably an easy answer but couldn't find one; Any idea what the error "Input device error: No input device selected: 0 (No description (0))" is trying to tell me? Everything seems to run as it should but this shows up in red. Just started over the last 3 days Congratulations on all of the...
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    Error log printout

    I was looking for a way to print out my 'error log' from the front panel to read over the errors and events. Is there currently a way to do this or could it be added in next update? Thanks!
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    Play count

    I might have missed it but going thru the beta i was wondering is there a way to turn the "play count" feature off of a specific type of file? My sweepers show massive play counts compared to the songs and I really don't need to know the play count of the sweeper or other promos that run during...
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    Nice Touches

    So many nice touches in this beta edition, I appreciate the abilty to darken track tool properties, after a few hundred it is easier on the eyes! Can the entire libary be darkened? Also, is there a command in the music library to get it to search a folder and add just the new items from a...
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    This Beta Is Great!

    Either I don't know how to do it, or it might be a great idea for the next update; Is there a way to end a now playing song instantly and have the next in line start immediately withut waiting for the mix? It would be great if I could just slide the song from 'next up' into 'now playing' OR a...
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    Time Announcement

    Is there any way to have the time announce the minutes only and not the hour? Something like 'it's 20 after the hour' or 'it's the top of the hour'.. Makes it much more relevant to all time zones listening in.
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    Cut off url feed after 2 minutes

    What command sequences would I use to schedule a newscast I get from a url address and have it cut off that newscast at the 2 minute mark Instead of playing the full 5 min broadcast as it does now) and go back to the playlist after that?
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    Station Logo on RadioBoss

    Can I place a station logo on the RadioBoss desktop, and if so, how do I do it? Thanks In Advance!