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    Losing settings

    Greetings! I'm writing on behalf of a broadcast partner who we recently helped get set up with RadioBOSS. They have set up their audio input sources, audio output devices and broadcast information. They usually have to turn the computer off at night. In the morning when they turn back on...
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    Getting Statistics from Azuracast

    Greetings. We broadcast on an Azuracast broadcast server, and we are using RB 5.9.4 We are unable to receive the listener broadcast statistics, as shown in picture 1. We know we do have listeners (we are one of them!) Could you kindly take a look at the two screen shots, and let us know if...
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    Make Next feature

    Greetings. RadioBoss used to have a very useful function called 'Make Next.' It was in the right click menu. If I applied it to a song further down the playlist, it would appear in the 'Coming Up Next' box, and RadioBoss would skip all the tracks in between, and jump straight to the song I had...
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    Timed Break Note

    Greetings Dmitry. I want to be able to time out exactly to the end of the hour. I remember when I used to work for a radio station, with the old system we had, we could insert (or place in the playlist generator) an event called a timed break note, which faded the current songs at a certain...
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    Multiple Screens

    Hi Dmitry. Happy new year. My boss has kindly set me up with a second computer monitor. I able to spread RadioBOSS over two screens? Especially the cart wall, and maybe even the second playlist? Thanks for your help James
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    Shoutcast encoder sending bad stream ID

    Greetings We are simulcasting our station via Icecast and Shoutcast streams, from the same RadioBoss player. The Shoutcast V2 encoder is no longer connecting to the Shoutcast server. The server is showing an error message that the Stream ID is less than 1. We have set the Stream ID as 1 and...
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    Scheduled Playlist Generator problem

    Hi Dmitry We have set up a playlist template in the playlist gen pro. We then use the scheduler to generate a new playlist every 24 hours. The problem is that while it counts down to the event, nothing happens. There is even nothing in the log to say playlist generation started. The playlist...
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    Album Artwork

    Hi Dmitry. I am learning how to stream. All my songs have album artwork stored in each song's meta data (all songs are MP3). How do I get the artwork to send with the MP3 stream? Artist and Title are streaming successfully, just not the artwork. Thanks for your help. James
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    File Types

    Hi Dmitry. I'm having problems setting up and using File Types. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid...but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! Here is my situation: Up until now, I have used identifiers for the file type on my station IDs. (using the identifier I.D.) However, we no longer...
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    Playlist Markers in Playlist Gen Pro

    I would like to be able to create and schedule my own markers into my playlists, in Playlist Gen Pro. By markers I mean a line of instruction for the announcer - for example, a line of text after three songs, saying 'Read the Weather here.' I imagine it would need to be a 'category' in its...
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    Playlist generation for full day

    Hi. Forgive me if this has been asked before. I have created a different playlist structure (or industry term "clock") for each hour of the day, as each hour has unique music needs (some hours have more talk, others less). I want to be able to generate a music playlist for a whole 24 hour...
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    Stop Command Issue

    Greetings. I love the 'Add stop' command. However, I seem to be having an issue. I am playing a song, followed by a stop. When the song gets to the little red line in the playback bar (just before the end of the song), the song cuts abruptly, and doesn't play until the end. Hope you can...
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    Issues with Windows 8

    Our trainer is still out in the field with radio stations in Thailand, and has another issue (he thanks you for the last solution, by the way  :)). This station is having 2 problems since moving from Windows 7 to 8. Photo attached - some filenames in Thai display correctly but others don't...
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    Track Tool Playback Volume

    Greetings. One of our trainers in the field has come across an issue, and wonder if you can help. The playback volume of the track tool is way too loud. It is being routed through the PFL / Preview device. Oddly enough, when they preview a song using Pre-listen (through the same preview...
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    Stop commands

    Hi Dmitry I'm really pleased to see that it is possible to schedule stop commands in Playlist Generator, so that a user doesn't have to programme hundreds of stop commands manually. Two things to ask you this time. (1) The problem is that a generated stop command does not appear to work. RB...
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    Requests for Music Library

    Greetings. I was delighted to discover the 'Check Music Tracks' function in the Music Library Tools, in 5.1.3. A very useful feature. :) It worked exactly as it should. May I make two suggestions that would make user operation much simpler? (1) The ability to Highlight and click many tracks...
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    Problem with Playback of Playlist

    Hi Dmitry. We have discovered a problem with playback of a generated playlist. We have set up RB to automatically generate a 24 hour playlist every morning, using the Scheduler and Playlist Gen Pro. Unfortunately, we found we had dead air for a few hours leading up to generation time every...
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    Delay on voice

    Hi. I know this topic has been discussed before. Sorry to bring it up again. We are streaming on line with RadioBOSS. Could you give me some clues how to get rid of that half-second echo on the microphone-in button. I listen back to the programme in my headphones (both music and talk), and...
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    Cart Wall to Second Monitor

    Hi there. I like the cart wall. It is very useful. However, at the moment I have to alternate between the main screen and the cart wall. If I have my computer set up with two screens, Is there any way I can move the cart wall over to the second screen, so I can see both main and cart at the...
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    Temp Screen

    Hi Dmitry. Thank you for all your work on RadioBOSS. It just keeps getting better. Some partner stations in Asia have asked me to ask you about the Temp screen. For many of them, they only have the one computer, and they build their playlists in the Temp screen. Of course, if they do that...