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    Why is SPAM being allowed in the forums even after being reported? Reported SPAM posts many times and they are still in the forums.
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    Played Playlist Question

    Is there a way to keep the playlist from keeping weeks and weeks of past played songs? I just need it to maybe show the last day but mine shows weeks and weeks of already played songs.
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    Still Not Able To Stream.

    This has been going on since yesterday. What is happening? Why is this issue that appears to be wide spread with many users not being addressed?
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    ASCAP, BMI, Soundexchange License Fees?

    Just wondering what everyone is using for stream licensing in the US? What are your costs and experiences with these license companies?
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    Error Message

    What does this error message mean? [W40] Warning! Title update failed (Output 1)
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    App Builder

    Anyone use an app builder for mobile use? Do you know of one that doesn't charge a monthly fee?
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    Using FTP to access news service?

    Is there a "how to" on using FTP to access a news service site? We just subscribed to Feature News Story and they can provide FTP access. Not sure where to start on how to get RB to access it and download it and then put it in the playlist. Is that possible? Thank you.
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    Disabled Tracks

    Is there a way to search for tracks that have been marked disabled so they can be un-disabled or deleted?
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    Start Time In Playlist Never Correct.

    This is my biggest complaint about RB and I have had it for years. The playlist track times are never correct. I cannot stress enough about having correct playlist times. Please come up with a fix for this. Turning off Trigger Mix At is not an option. I time out my playlist and come back and...
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    Radio Logger Time Stamp?

    Is there a way to have RadioLogger Archive player playback with the time of day it was recorded? Helpful if you need to see if a commercial aired at a specific time instead of listening to a one hour mp3 file all the way through.
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    Issue With Microsoft RDT and RadioBoss

    I have been using Microsoft Remote Desktop for several months and didn't have any problems until yesterday after I updated to the latest RB version. Now when I connect to the desktop with RDT it changes the RB playback main soundcard setting to "remote audio". When it does that RB stops and I...
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    MAC OS

    Any chance we will see RadioBoss for MAC in the future? Really want to get rid of my Windows computers and switch to MAC.
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    Using NAS with RadioBoss

    Is a NAS compatible with RadioBoss? Has anyone tried NAS with RB?
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    Help With Playlist Generator

    I can't get the Playlist generator to work in a scheduled event. Everything appears to be set up correctly and the scheduled event starts but nothing happens. I have the setting set to add the playlist at the end of the current playlist. I did notice this error today in the Generator log "Unable...
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    What Exactly Do I Need?

    If I want to stream to either Icecast or Shoutcast what do I need? I have RadioBoss and RadioCaster. I think I also need RadioCloud and Centovacast. Do I need RadioCloud if I want to stream live 24/7? I do not want to use the AutoDJ feature. I would be streaming live 24/7 from RadioBoss.
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    Icecast RadioCaster Connect Problem

    I keep getting this error "Error 2 invalid server address" in radiocaster. Trying to connect to icecast. The server address is correct in RadioCaster.
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    Appending Playlist for next day

    How do you append the playlist? I have generate playlist on the scheduler but it appends what it generates right after the even that's on air. How do I generate a playlist and have it append automatically to the end of the current playlist?
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    Error Playing

    I keep getting this error message Error Playing File (Code 41: "Unsupported File Format") It is happening on a lot of files. Some are MP3 and some are AIFF files.
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    Preview Device (PFL) Problem

    When I click on the Preview Device (PFL) also called preview icon in the playlist column it cuts the signal to the main output. It has never done this before. It started doing it about a month ago. I am using version  Any idea because I can't figure it out. Thank you.
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    Manually making playlists?

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone makes playlists manually for a more personal touch to your shows? If so have you found a way to make them that is easy to do? My idea was to make playlists in iTunes (because it is very easy to do and very fast) and then to be able to see that playlist in...