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    Radio Caster out of memory crash

    You seem to be using an old version, please try the most recent RadioCaster 2.9.
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    Backup and restore

    Can you please provide some details on what's not working? Are there any error messages?
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    There must be an easy solution for playing in a "series"...!

    Can you please try the latest version?
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    USB Microphone crashes

    This happens with both modes - DirectSound and ASIO?
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    Yes, makes sense. But why this is used remotely, and not directly in the Music Library?
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    There must be an easy solution for playing in a "series"...!

    This doesn't reproduce here on the latest version. "Series" selection, until advanced, always plays the same track. What RadioBOSS version do you use?
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    There must be an easy solution for playing in a "series"...!

    Track List feature offers "Series" option: It does not advance automatically, you need to create another event that moves it to the next track.
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    RadioBOSS beta Changes bugs fixed Download x86 (7/1/2022, 31MB) x64 (7/1/2022, 35MB)
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    Play Pre-recorded Program From a Set time

    You can edit the file using Track Tool and set the Start mark where you need - playback will start from there.
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    Yes, you need to drag them by the track icon.
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    insert a saved playlist

    If nothing is playing, and it's time to start an event it's logical that the event starts playing. That is, you have scheduled a playlist for 12:00, and nothing is playing. Everyone would expect that when 12:00 comes, an event will start and play. Otherwise it's a weird behavior - scheduled...
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    Stream Archive Question

    When you use the streamarchive command, you need to use the scheduler file name templates (?h, ?m etc) - they are described here:
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    Currently icon size in the playlist can't be changed. I have added this suggestion to our requests list, there's a good chance we'll implement it in one of the future updates.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, we'll consider it for the future updates.
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    In this case it doesn't know if specified path is a file - so it treats it as a folder. It is possible technically of course, but before implementing it we need to be sure there's a demand for such a feature from other users.
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    insert a saved playlist

    It will only start playback if nothing was playing, this is the designed behavior.
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    Artirst en title tags

    You can use the Multiple Artists feature in the Playlist Generator:
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    Overlay with Pause Playlist

    You can control the number of attempt and delay between them in Settings->General->Advanced configuration.
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    RadioBOSS 6.2 [beta]

    I'm not sure there's a demand for it. Can you please specify for what case it can be used? The makelibrary command rebuilds the library based on the source you have specified. E.g. if you specify a folder the resulting music library will only include tracks from that folder. If the folder name...
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    Overlay with Pause Playlist

    #0 means "unlimited" - that is it will play until the stream ends, disconnects, or is interrupted by another track/event. There is a big difference compared to when the duration is specified: it will not reconnect to the disconnected stream with "unlimited" duration. If it disconnects it will...