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  1. tomimatko

    Bug in Music Library - Copy to folder...

    A little weird bug but I'll try to explain. When in the Music Library a song "Copy to folder ..." the song is copied properly. When I close the Music Library and reopen it for that song the path changes to the copied song, but it should remain the path from the original. Interesting, the path...
  2. tomimatko

    Preset groups in Scheduler wizard

    I suggest in the Scheduler wizard > Generate a playlist > Select template - that they be sorted in Preset groups, as the Presets in Playlist Generator Pro. So it's better organized and easier to find if they a lot of preset.
  3. tomimatko

    In Auto intro how disable Fade in?

    In auto intro the files have a small fade in. Can this be disabled? Or reduced to zero.
  4. tomimatko

    RadioBOSS 6.1 Ads Scheduler

    I agree with him. The new view is more complex and not easy to use. If there a lot of ads can not easily get information. In previous versions Radioboss automatically took the name, and now I have to type in every ad. The old look was perfect. Easy to use and preview ads. Please bring it back...
  5. tomimatko

    Bug in Auto Intro

    I found a bug in Auto Intro. Eg. I have two types of Auto Intro. "New" is enabled - "Must contain tag", and the second intro is for a specific song - "Filename contains". As you can see the song have nothing in the tag and the "Must contain tag" is not enabled. Anyway since "New" is the first in...
  6. tomimatko

    DTMF in have a delay?

    Did you do anything with the DTMF signal? We rebroadcast the news through Line in. It starts and ends with a DTMF signal. In the previous version everything was ok. We didn't touch anything, but after upgrade the signal is delayed about 1-2, or even 3 seconds (not sure). In DTMF settings Delay...
  7. tomimatko

    RadioBOSS 6.0.6 - not shows selected tracks

    Music Library: show selected tracks duration and count. No, it not shows. Only total tracks and duration. And still no Ads priority. You said: the feature will be added in one of the next updates.
  8. tomimatko

    Autintro indication

    We use a lot of auto intros, but since we don't know in which song the autointro will start, it often happens that while the presenter is speaking the auto intro starts. Can it done when the songs are loaded into the palylist to somehow indicate in which song the autointro will be. Maybe an...
  9. tomimatko

    Time determining of songs/jingles

    I already mentioned this. I played a bit with the Jazler demo and found this interesting and useful feature. Timing when a song/jingle can play. Or in this case blocking a certain time. It is useful, for example, for songs that have a heavy vocabulary and are not suitable for broadcast during...
  10. tomimatko

    Number of selected songs in Music library

    Can you make in the music library to show the number of selected songs and their total duration. The duration of the selected songs was on 5.9 but now it is gone. It would be useful eg. when I want to check how many songs have a certain tag and their total duration.
  11. tomimatko

    Overlay playback sometimes do not start

    I would report one particular bug and have no idea what's the problem. This has happened in previous versions also. Every hour we have news that we broadcast over the stream. It is starts by DTMF. At the beginning of the news we have a overlay playback as an intro that is also run with the same...
  12. tomimatko

    Suggestion for Time Announcement

    Maybe for Time Announcement (or any Announcement) add a file type skip option ? It's a little silly when Time Announcement play over a jingle or adds :)
  13. tomimatko

    The number of removed records is not reliable

    When in the Music Library check -Remove entries for non-existent files the number- the number of removed records is not reliable. Sometimes it shows some numbers so I’m surprised what’s going on?! It shows that it deleted some number of songs but in fact nothing was deleted. See the pictures....
  14. tomimatko

    Track information do not follows playback

    When playing the Track information does not refresh automatically. Only when I click the track in the playlist... And yes there's workaround - enable Selection follows playback. But in 5.9 it works without that...
  15. tomimatko

    Bug or planned

    When double click with the mouse in the empty part of the palylist the track that currently play are restarting? Is this a bug or so planned? At 5.9 it wasn’t so and it seems better to me.
  16. tomimatko

    "Added" column in the search box.

    In 5.9 in the search box (without entering a term) the default song sorting was by last added. It was good for quickly add new songs in the playlist. Please can you add a column in the search box - "Added"?
  17. tomimatko

    Broadcasting title do not show for rebroadcast stream

    We rebroadcast the news over the stream. We add the news to File Type and put Broadcasting title - Use custom title. But on the website as Nowplaying it does not show the title but the stream address. Can you fix this? I can't remember but I think it worked in 5.9?
  18. tomimatko

    Custom name to server?

    I need a little help. I use the radioboss script which show currently playing track. The script work fine but it is possible to send a custom name for File type? With Copy to FTP option it show the custom name, but do not show the recently played tracks?
  19. tomimatko

    Two suggestions

    If it is not difficult to implement ... 1. In the Music Library add a tool that can find duplicate songs. We have a lot of songs in the database and it?s hard to search all the songs and delete duplicates. If possible a search tool with % Matching rules. 2. In the Track tool add time when a...
  20. tomimatko

    Can anyone give me advice for addition rules in Playlist generator

    Can anyone give me advice which is the best setting for addition priority rules in Playlist generator to broadcast all songs equally often.