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    Artworks are not shown...

    I have done everything in your manual.. I use RB ver and am streaming thru server. When I check Radioboss cloud, the artweork are shown (appear) exactly in the Integration ==> Album cover ==> preview.. However, artworks are not shown in the listeners' apps or programs...
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    dsf file tag problem

    When play dsf file, tags are not displayed but file name is displayed in playlist. Tags (%tile and % artist) of dsf files was exactly displayed in the playlist and streamed in version 5.9. Please check and revise in next update.
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    File tags and statistics

    Thanks to your info.. I joined in and am testing with flac encoder. THe listening sound quality is thriliingly good as I wanted. It is worth paying money. After testing, I like to join pay plan from small plan. However, I set up all the settings for live streaming in Radioboss...
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    Can I stream from Asia, Korea

    I am located in Korea... Can I broadcast thru your streaming host? I know that you allowed basically from Europe and North America..
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    track shuffled

    I bought Radioboss yesterday and am a quite newbie. When I select multi files in a folder (ex. 4 movements in asymphony) and drag together with a mouse to Radioboss playlist columns, tracks are shuffled not as in order in a folder. I am a classical music broadcaster and the track order is very...
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    dsd and sacd files

    First, Thanks for your magnificient program, RadioBoss. I've been testing broadcasting demo for about one week with VST (Ozone) and I as well as my listeners are satisfied and fascinated with functions and sound quality. One problem caused is not to support, SACD and/or DSD files which I play...