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    RadioBOSS Settings and programs reset

    Hey, using RadioBOSS, and i just rebooted the computer running it. For some reason, when RadioBOSS restarted, all my programs were gone and all settings were reset, including ads, file types rules, no repeat rules, etc... Any idea why it might have happened? So that i can prevent it...
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    Priority rules over whole playlist?

    Hey, about Playlist Generator Pro, i know it is possible to change the priority rules for each category within each separate playlist, but as I have 4 different playlists rotating for the different parts of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night), each with 20+ different music genres, it is...
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    Update roll back? - Solved

    Hey, as I started having issues with the "stream recording" function (encoder exited with an error), I thought "Oh I've never updated RadioBOSS since I work in this radio, maybe that will solve it". So, stupid mistake, I downloaded version 5.9.4 and installed it, except I didn't realize that...
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    How to program during prolonged absence?

    Hello everyone, the local FM radio I work in will be on holidays for a month, and I would like to broadcast old shows. This might be a stupid question, but I would like to broadcast the same shows for the whole week, then move on to the next ones, etc, until I'm back. What is the best way to...