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    Schedule API - last run @

    Hello, would really appreciate either scheduled event reporting (simply report the event ID to the reporting URL hooks) OR it would be brilliant to have a "last run at" field in the schedulelist API... there is "NextRunStr" and "IntTimeToStart" but nothing that says which event was the last to...
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    Playlist Generator so slow and times out occasionally

    Hello, with the latest rb update our playlist generation seems to have gotten even slower. Our library has about 38k tracks and our playlist generation can take 10mins up to 40mins sometimes, and occasionally times out. Can you offer some tips to fix this please @djsoft ? We're using sqlite...
  3. R Error on every time it changes track

    Hello, we're getting an error every time the radio changes track with the new version and we've lost the download for the previous version - can we have a link please?
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    Reporting: Include Scheduled event firings and "Overlay" information in Now Playing

    Hello, as title says, could we have these two events catered for in the reporting functions? Now Playing info via REPORTING does not currently include OVERLAY information, this can only be found via a direct nowplaying request to the API Also information on Scheduled Events via REPORTING would...
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    Sweepers for Overlay Events

    Hi, I came across something, not sure if this has been addressed before. When creating an overlay event, it does not allow for a sweeper to play before it executes. For us, because of the way we process certain requests, it would be helpful. Enjoying the improvements in 6 so far, thanks...
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    Lot's of crashes lately

    Hello, lately we've been experiencing a number of new crashes. Please help! Reports attached.