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    Fadeout music

    Through an scheduler every hour I play the .mp3 file. How to make a fadeout on currently playing song (i don't use crossfades options) ?
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    Task name title

    Hello ! How to delete a task name title in the RadioBOSS title bar after starting "Play a Internet Stream" task with the "Send task name instead of track titles to server" option turned on? Thanks ! Igor
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    Comment Field

    Hello ! I have problem with preview long text Comment field ! (See picture). Can you move this field on different row ? Thanks ! Igor
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    Search descending order

    Hello ! Why is it (when option Sort Search Result set to on) after starting the program and entering a search, sorting is initially set to descending ?
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    Scan tracks and remove silence ...

    Hello ! Is there a way to run the Scan tracks and remove silence ... option when launching an scheduler command makelibrary ? (or another command line way ?) Thanks ! Igor
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    Hello ! How add songs to the end of the current playlist ? Help says: getrandomplaylist load a random playlist from the folder specified in Path and added to the end of the current playlist. I tested but this command add playlist AFTER current, playing items.
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    Center current track in playlist problem

    Hello ! Centering the current track in the playlist (option list auto-scroll is turned on) works great until you start adding additional tracks to the end of the playlist using the local events (getrandomplaylist, for example 6 hour). After that, mark the currently playing track reaches the...
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    Minimize/Restore RadioBOSS

    Hello ! When minimize and again restore RadioBOSS, LOG window lost my defined size and reset to default.
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    Events and Playlists

    Hello ! Two question about event: 1) How add a generated playlist at the end of the current playlist? (Playlist Generator Pro for example, has this option: Export to player - Add to the end) 2) How add a generated playlist on another non active Playlist ? (Playlist 2, Playlist 3 etc ....)
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    MakeLibrary error

    Please test MakeLibrary to several thousand MP3 files with more subfolders. The command always forget to read the ID3 tag by at least 2-3 random MP3 files.
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    RadioBOSS error

    Hello ! After update to latest version, every day get this error:
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    Remote load playlist at end

    Hello ! How remote load playlist AT END of existing playlist ? For example, this command work but clear previous playlist: http://PC1:9000/?pass=???cmd=load c:\PlayLists\P1.m3u8 One question: Where execute this command INSIDE RadioBOSS for control another RadioBOSS ?
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    Sort search results

    How exactly working the options Sort search results? As you can see in the picture, the option is enabled, the search is set by the artist, entered the word 'Dave' and the result is not sorted .... Thanks !
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    Reading when navigating through a playlist

    Helo ! Do RadioBOSS read again and / or checked items to playlist when I move the cursor up / down arrows? If so, can it be to add an option to turn off this reading? If folder (on a slow medium) has a lot of items that really slows moving up / down. Thanks ! Igor
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    Scheduler Event DTMF delay execution

    Hello ! Is it possible to add delayed execution of DTMF detection event ? Something like: "Add delayed starting event after DTMF detect of xxx seconds ?" Thanks !
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    DTMF stop responding

    Hello ! After some days, RadioBOSS stop listening source DTMF streaming. Then go to settings -> DTMF and set DTMF checking frame up or down for 1 minute or close and open again RadioBOSS. Then DTMF working again next 4-5 days .....
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    RadioBOSS improvements

    Hello ! I have idea for some RadioBOSS improvements: 1. The visual indication of the ascending or descending order of fields in search window. 2. Inital automatic sorting of selected field in Search in combo box (search window).   (or after change library). 4. Automatic set of active playlist...
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    Hello ! In last version, DTMF event (with our without Start by DTMF only) not working. I set DTMF source from URL and set Event Start by DTMF only. But detector not working. In previous version all is working ! P.S. When set event "Start by DTMF only" why countdown Run In field ???
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    Playlist File Type

    Hello ! When set name of playlist (for example) Jingles.m3u, RadioBoss detect this playlist as Jingle but not inside files (files not contains word "jingle"). My suggestion is add options in Settings -> File Types for inherit playlist type to files inside playlist. Is possible add this options...
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    Remote execute event

    Hello ! Is possible remote execute event (with http protocol) in RadioBOSS ?