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    ERROR [XML] not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1

    Radiocaster This Error appears in Shoutcast 2 (Linux Version) log. It seems to come in phases, and is not continuously there all the time. Shoutcast can run for ages without this error appearing and then for a week, its there day after day. The Playlist in RadioBoss changes every day. What is...
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    RadioBoss NOT Installing in Win 7 - Ultimate

    Yesterday I purchased 2 x Update Licenses and 1 x Advanced Edition copy of RB. I added the Advanced Edition copy license into Win 7 - Ultimate. The version of RB already there was That worked, it now became Advanced Edition In the top right I clicked on "A newer version is...
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    RadioBoss Advanced Edition NOT Playing MP4 Videos

    Yesterday I purchased an Advanced Edition copy of RB in order to play MP4 files directly in RB without having to convert them to MP3 first. This would save me time, or so I thought, as I would not have to take the further step of MP3 conversion. However this turned out to be a complete and utter...
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    RadioCaster Metadata Text Replacement (Product Development Suggestion)

    I am a current user of RadioCaster. What I would like to see is a Text Replacement facility added into RadioCaster in order to turn nonsensical stuff into something that does make sense to end users. For instance, in joining a stream the partial IP address shows up and is placed into...
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    RADIOCASTER Vers and

    I am experiencing problems with the latest versions of RC. The problem does not exist with Ver The path is this: RC Input Virtual Cable RC Output to Shoutcast Ver 1.9.8 (AAC+ 24k, 32000 Sample rate, Stereo) Icecast KH9 (and older versions, since I downloaded in case the problem was...
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    RadioCaster - Settings/Options

    Looking under options the "Show button on taskbar" At the moment I cannot see what function this box (if it is ticked) performs, because nothing seems to happen when you do tick it ? Is it mean't to reduce RC to an Icon on the taskbar when clicking X  ?. If so it doesn't work. or Does this in...
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    RadioCaster - Stream (URL) Timer

    I have just purchased RadioCaster a few days ago. One feature I would like added in is a timer for the Source - Network Stream:   Every Day   Day of Week   Stream ON time   Stream OFF time and the ability to do this for multiple times using all 4 features above. Also add connections into log.