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    Playlist fade in / fade out does not work

    Hey Would appreciate help: I have defined in the Scheduler settings that a scheduled playlist will enter a fade in / fade out time, but the settings do not work as I have defined. The scheduled playlist entered abruptly and without crossfading. I am version Attached is a screenshot of...
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    A song collides with a file

    I tried it all on 0 and it is set in red - and it did not solve the problem. In addition, if there is a short Swiper between the songs - the song continues to play after the Swiper until the beginning of the next song .. :-[ :-[ :-\
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    A song collides with a file

    Hey. I need urgent help please. We have a file called "Transfer to ads" and it marks the transition to ads. The file is very short, and the problem is that it is "gone" when you enter the ad group, after a song, and when you exit. The most problematic thing is when a song ends in FADE OUT, the...