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    Current Clock time in playlist track by track

    on time display in the playlist, track by track, can the time the track after the next be displayed accurately? The time to play does not seem to take into account mix points, and thus will show a change in the clock play time, so timing a live show to the second, is not really possible more...
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    Aux players and digital mixer

    Can Radioboss aux players be mapped to a digital mixer with 'fader start' control and pre fade like you can do with Myriad software?
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    Optimum settings on Radioboss to simulate FM radio

    What does anyone suggest as best settings in the built in Radioboss compressor to provide a constant output level? Also, the auto amp settings. I want the quieter tracks to be played at the same overall level. Is there a good setting match other than the default ones? I have tested changing the...