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  1. jeiben

    USB Microphone crashes

    Hello, some of our presenters and myself have had a problem with the USB microphone in RadioBoss for a while. We are during our broadcast either in Teamspeak 3 or in Discord. At the beginning of the show, after the first announcement, the microphone no longer works, as if it crashes. The...
  2. jeiben

    No event if RadioBoss does not stream

    Hello, certain events can be stopped by the "Do not execute event when playlist is paused" option. However, if I create my playlist while only listening to music in RadioBoss, the event will be executed, which is not desired in that case. Is it not possible to add an option "Do not run...
  3. jeiben

    Volume control for microphone monitoring

    Good morning, I like to have the microphone monitoring on when streaming, i.e. my own voice in my ear. To turn this on I simply activate Encoder Mode. However, since I like to listen to loud music while streaming, my voice comes in very loud. Here I would like to have a volume slider for the...
  4. jeiben

    Moderation "Echo"

    Hello everybody, I would like a little "echo" in the moderation. I've tried a lot, but kept failing. Does anyone have any idea how I could implement this on RadioBoss? Best regards