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  1. lughsan

    ad scheduler ideas

    Hello Dimitry, how are you? I have been testing the version you sent me for windows xp, and the latest version. Both versions have the following problems: Does not allow inserting the time: Thought of working in manual mode, it would help a lot to work live, insert time, also temperature...
  2. lughsan

    I can't activate DTMF tones

    Hello Dimitry, how are you? I am learning DTMF tones and cannot activate them in Radioboss, in any trial version. Do I have to buy the license to test DTMF tones?
  3. lughsan

    Radioboss insert time

    I have the latest trial version installed. How to add time in "ADS Schedule"? Example: 1 - The Radio tells you the time. 2 - Time. 3 - Advertising 1. 4 - Advertising 2. In the trial version, I can't find how to add the time in this way. Awaiting your response.