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  1. sscargo

    RadioBOSS 5.0 [beta]

    No Information when putting artist etc on search . Had working somewhere in 4.9 etc but not now.
  2. sscargo

    RadioBOSS 5.0 [beta]

    Found Search doesn't work in
  3. sscargo

    RadioBOSS Reviews

    Tried many Broadcasting Software programs including some of the dearer ones and found Radio Boss the best.  For ease of operation, support, and price it's tops. My station has a new computer and to transfer the files was easy with the software of Radio Boss. I recommend it to any and I mean any...
  4. sscargo

    RadioBOSS 4.9 [beta]

    Hi all I'm new here and just installed the program yesterday. It has been running for over 24 hours now and I am very happy with it . The best I have tried so far, easy to setup for a quick start. I will point out I have not been able to check out all things yet. I did notice a time...